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About LibriVox Audio Books

This audiobook app is one of the most popular, completely free audiobook apps available today. The app maintains its cost-free status by having thousands of volunteer readers and partnering with Project Gutenberg, for written copies of the books, and with the Internet Archive for hosting the audio files. Since it is public access and no payment is needed, the majority of the audiobooks on LibriVox are classic literature books.

The LibriVox audio book app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and App Store that host the LibriVox libraries like the Audiobooks free app.

LibriVox Audio Books Review

LibriVox is an exciting initiative that helps to record and publish books that are in the public domain and make them freely available.

What do we like about LibriVox Audio Books?

The recent introduction of free, volunteer-read audiobooks through LibriVox Audio Books is an exciting development in the field of audiobooks. As a result of this initiative, individuals can freely download and listen to a wide range of historic literary and non-literary works from the LibriVox Audio Books catalogue in various formats.

What skills does it improve?

Anybody can volunteer as long as they have some simple recording equipment, and the books are read by volunteers from all around the world. One individual may take on the obligation of recording an entire book, or a group of readers may read different sections or chapters as part of collaborative production. 

What age is it appropriate for?

LibriVox Audio Books app is appropriate for all ages to acquire books of one’s choice. It can be easily downloaded for all Android and iOS devices. 

Are LibriVox Audio Books free?

LibriVox Audio Books is available for free of cost. 

Are LibriVox Audio Books easy to use?

The audio files are edited before being posted on the LibriVox Audio Books for public listening. People are free to download the files onto their own devices or even to share them with others without any limitations on how they might be utilised.

How will students benefit?

LibriVox Audio Books provides access to audio versions of great works such as those by Louise May Alcott, Israel Zangwill, and hundreds more by recording books that are in the public domain. These include the writings of HG Wells, Mark Twain, Charles Dickens, and Arthur Conan Doyle. A current list of all the various audiobooks that are now accessible is available in the LibriVox Audio Books catalogue. Books by a large variety of different writers are constantly being recorded and published.

How will parents benefit?

It should be emphasised that the books are read by international volunteers rather than professional readers, and the diverse range of dialects and storytelling abilities reflects this. Nevertheless, this is a part of the rich variety that makes up the LibriVox Audio Books effort. 

What can LibriVox Audio Books improve on?

The new releases are hard to find in LibriVox Audio Books.

How much does LibriVox Audio Books cost?

LibriVox Audio Books is available with a small in-app purchase of $2.99. 

Final thoughts 

LibriVox is a fascinating venture that offers a vast and comprehensive source of audiobooks. Given that the books are free, this is a great chance for readers to go out and read or listen to something new, possibly from an undiscovered author or in a different genre. 

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