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LetterSchool - learn to write letters and numbers

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Teacher Overview

Letter School is a fun and engaging way to help children learn to write letters and numbers. This app takes children through four steps for each letter of the alphabet (upper case and lower case) as well as numbers 0-9.

  • Introduction to the character
  • Tap the start points of the characters to set the animation in motion.
  • Tracing over the character, which drags interesting animated trails behind to create the character.
  • Finally, once children begin at the start point the tracing line disappears so children write the character without further visual guidance.  

Teacher Review

Children absolutely love this app. The highly engaging animations and sound effects encourage them to practice their letter and number formation frequently.  The step-by-step process is really clear and offers excellent support for children. The app gradually increases their independence and understanding of the letter or number being learned.  The app covers three areas: upper case letters, lower case letters and numbers.

To begin, children are introduced to the character they are going to learn to write. In the case of numbers children are shown the number and told its name.  The children are then shown an animation of objects, which are counted to total the value of the number. With letters, the children are shown the letter and told its name and then a short animation of an object beginning with that letter appears while the word is read out to the child.

After the introduction, children have three activities (games) to complete. The first of these shows the character marked on the screen with a thin white line with start and stop points marked.  Children tap the first start point in order to set off an animation showing the letter formation.  (The animations are really fun and include a flow of bubbles, a rocket ship, electrical circuit and train track to name a few.)

The next activity requires children to begin at the start point and then trace over a guideline pulling along a trailing animation behind them until the end point is reached. If children stray too far from the tracing line the trailing animation will retreat back to the start point. This means that accurate tracing is required in order to complete the character. Once the character has been completed another animation will follow. E.g. to form a letter the child may drag a strip of grass along the tracing line and once complete a small lawn mower will emerge from the start point to cut the grass following the formation of the letter or number.

Finally children are presented with the tracing line as with the previous activity. However, once a child puts their finger on the start point the tracing line disappears and children are left to complete the correct letter/number formation without visual prompts. If a number of errors are made on this level an animated line of yellow arrows appears to support those who may be finding this activity too challenging.  Once this last activity is complete the child is rewards with some music and fireworks to celebrate completion of the letter or number.

If there is one disadvantage to this app it is that the number 5 is formed in two parts, which is different to the way the number is taught in British Schools.

The app offers a choice of three fonts and has the helpful feature of allowing a number of different users to be registered on the same device so children's progress can be maintained separately. 

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Developer Description

Play to learn how to write all letters of the alphabet: abc - xyz and the numbers 1-10 with LetterSchool. Kids practice essential skills as they play four exciting games per letter or number.


Kids learn to write letters and numbers as they play four exciting games per letter or number:

  • Intro - discover the shape, name and sound of all the 26 abc letters and numbers
  • Tap - learn where to start to write the letters and numbers and finish by tapping the dots
  • Trace - learn the letter trajectory by tracing it
  • Write - test your knowledge by writing the abc and numbers from memory


  • Uppercase and lowercase letters
  • Choice out of three most popular typefaces in handwriting education
  • Progress and settings stored for up to three players
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