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About LetterRoute

Most young children like to trace their fingers on a tablet screen and ‘Letter Route’ from Studio Nekotoiruka takes advantage of this trait. The developers have produced a tracing system where a child places their finger on a train, car or cycle and follow a route that corresponds to either a letter or number. ‘Letter Route’ has a number of options for the alphabet, numbers and typical shapes that give the child an opportunity to test hand eye coordination skills, as well as learn their alphabet and numbers.

LetterRoute Review

What we love about Letter Route

We love Letter Route because it is clearly focussed on motivating the child to learn through discovery and enjoyment. Using vehicles, roads and railway tracks is an immediate hook which children often work on when they play with toys. We like the fact that graphics, whilst interesting, are not too intrusive on the task in hand and complement the vehicle being used.

What skills does it improve?

Letter Route develops the skill of hand eye coordination, which are the vital first steps to helping a child become a confident letter former and ultimately a good writer! 

What age is it appropriate for?

Letter Route is appropriate for the pre-school age, but can also further enhance skills in Nursery and early years.

Is Letter Route easy to use?

Letter Route is easy to use as a child and the parent menu has a useful list of enhancements.

How will children benefit?

Children will benefit from using this application because they are developing the skills of letter and number formation, which will stand them in good stead for starting at school.

How will teachers benefit?

Teachers will benefit from children using this because they will arrive at school with a firm foundation in letter and number formation, which will lead well into word construction via phonics.

How will parents benefit?

Parents will benefit if they get involved in playing alongside their child to ensure that they are becoming experts in the games objective.

What Letter Route could improve on?

We think the game could be improved by offering another level; where the child is presented with the letter or number and then it disappears for them to freehand trace, this could also be captured and presented in a summary for parents to track mastery skills.

How much does Letter Route app cost?

The application cost £1.99.

What is included in the free version vs. paid?

The free application has a limit to the numbers and letters with fewer enhancements, the paid version lets the child complete the alphabet and number sequences.

Is the Letter Route safe to use?

Yes, they have the correct date privacy policy in place.

Overall rating of the app

We think Letter Route is good and and our grandchildren have used it with enthusiasm. The pre-school market is very competitive, and apps need to have an edge. This is a first app and with the enhancement suggested will develop the ‘edge’.

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