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About Letterpress – Word Game

Letterpress is a multiplayer word game created by one of the creators of Twitter app Tweetie, and it’s a great mix of Boggle-like wordplay and Chess-like strategy. It is a strategic board word game in which you are presented with a grid of letters and must make words out of them. Letterpress is available now in the App Store for free and is a universal download for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Letterpress – Word Game Review

Letterpress, Words With Friends, and Scrabble are all great for killing time and can be incredibly addictive. While Words With Friends and Scrabble are very much the same game with different interfaces and price points, Letterpress is very different. Not only is the concept different but the actual game play experience is completely different.

Letterpress is not your typical word-based games. The rules are a lot different than the usual word games and the game is multiplayer only, there is a lot of strategy involved when trying to win the game.

Players use letter tiles from a randomly created grid in each game to form words, and using those letters turns their tiles to your color. The goal is for every letter to be turned to either your color or your opponent’s color, and to have more of your color when the last letter is used.

The strategy element of Letterpress is awesome. Not only do you want to create intelligent words to net lots of tiles, you’ll want to steal tiles from your opponent by using letters they’ve used, but in different ways. Because the game ends when all tiles get used (or both players pass their turn), you need to be careful to make sure you have a high letter count before someone uses that last “Z” or “X” to close out the match. You can also protect letters by surrounding them with your tiles, which makes them harder to turn to the opponent’s color. The whole thing supports asynchronous multiplayer, so you can play multiple games at once and take turns with opponents from all over the world.

After unlocking the game, you will also be able to view all the words that have been played in each round. Letterpress is a refreshing take on word games. While options beyond Game Center would be nice, the quick pace makes it the best time killer of the bunch.

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You can download Letterpress – Word Game on your iOS devices from the Apple App Store.

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