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Letter Workbook School Edition

  • iPad, iPhone
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  • age 3+

About Letter Workbook School Edition

The Letter Workbook Application is an app suitable for ages 5 and under and is an interactive guide to teaching children how to write and form letters of the alphabet. The app guides the child through letter tracing, letter phonics and gradually builds confidence as they repeat the letter formations. The child is encouraged to progress their learning by attempting guided and unguided letters either in uppercase, lowercase or cursive. The app is simple and effective and comes with no in-app purchases or adverts.

Please note, the School/Nursery edition of this app requires a subscription, which includes activity sheets, a practitioner pack, and usage reporting.

Teacher Review

Upon opening the application, the user is shown a beautifully designed interface that is simple and effective with the Kizzu opening splash screen. The home screen displays the pupil log in at the top left hand corner and a workbook that is personalised. Maybe the developers could take this a stage further with more personalisation. We really like the fact that the child can see their name on the opening workbook. The settings button in the bottom left enables the child to choose right or left handed for writing.
As with all app apps from the Kizzu nursery package, a class or user can be set up. This is done via the developer and needs to be set up before the application is used. This is a great feature as parents and teachers can monitor the progress of the child or class, with quarterly usage reports from the developer. This enables you to monitor sessions, average sessions per pupil, usage at home vs. school, average session time and total session time.
Once the child enters the workbook there are three options to choose from. Capital letters, lowercase letters and cursive. The developers can be commended for the options here as so many similar apps focus on capitals and do not have the cursive option. Once a choice has been made, the child can choose a letter from the alphabet. Each letter is accompanied by an audio phonic and graphic. This can be repeated by pressing the graphic again. The layout is simple and the app can be used without supervision.
The first task is to copy the letter formation following the orange guide. This is completed three times with a green cross for a correct formation. It is noted that we found some of the letter construction questionable in the direction of the lines. i.e. the letter A and M for example. The second task is to follow the guide to trace the letter. Again, a green tick is awarded for the correct construction. The main key here is keeping within the guides; the direction of the line does not matter. The line work is very sensitive and responsive.
The third and final task is to construct the letter with no guides. Again a green tick or a cross is awarded. We did find that this was a little inconsistent and some letters we drew that were clearly incorrect were awarded a tick. However, the layout of the app is very encouraging and enables the child to explore and build confidence in their letter construction. The child can also choose one of five colours to write in. The developers may consider adding further pen/colour options here with an eraser or restart button.
At the end of the tasks the child is shown a score out of 9. This is followed with positive messages depending on the score. There are three further options to either return to the menu, restart the letter sequence or move onto the next letter. The developers may consider a leader board system to encourage users or a star system rather than just one star shown per letter. The workbook displays the letter in orange when complete with the accomplished score.
We found the application very easy to use with minimum child supervision needed. There are no in-app instructions as the app is self-explanatory and the presentation is simple but effective. The workbook could be expanded by the use of number formation or simple words. We also felt that the app’s scoring system had scope for improvement. Overall, the Letter Workbook Application is a good application and with a few minor tweaks could be a great application for use by both parents and teachers. Parents may want to consider using a stylus with the app to help with not only letter formation but correct pen holding techniques.
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  • Letter Workbook School EditionLetter Workbook School EditionLetter Workbook School EditionLetter Workbook School EditionLetter Workbook School Edition


Children can learn to write the alphabet from A-Z with this Kizzu interactive educational app from Sherston.

Using an interactive letter guide, children will learn how to form letters in line with UK National curriculum guidelines, while having fun along the way.

How it works
Each letter in the alphabet appears in order. Children can choose uppercase and lowercase letters as well as having the option to use a cursive font. The phonic sounds for each letter are read out clearly in the app voiceover.

Each letter starts with interactive tracing dots that teach the child to correctly and accurately form the shape of the letter with their finger. A friendly voiceover then tells the child how to trace the letter with a line guide. After that, the audio asks the child to try to trace the letter without the guide. This helps children develop the confidence and fine motor skills they need to write letters independently, from A to Z.

While completing the letters the child will get lots of positive encouragement and feedback to help them along the way.

You can use Letter Workbook in the classroom or at home as an additional practice workbook for children learning letters. It can also be used as an introduction for children of any age who want to learn how to write letters in a fun, enjoyable way.

Curriculum links
Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

  • Literacy - Writing
  • Physical development - Moving and handling
  • Understanding the world – Technology

Why choose Letter Workbook School Edition?

  • Fun, interactive letter guide
  • Clear letter format and direction, based on the UK curriculum
  • Easy to use
  • Audio letter and word pronunciation
  • Clear instructions and positive reinforcement sound effects
  • Tested by teachers, practitioners and children
  • No need for internet connection

For teachers, practitioners and parents
At Sherston, we know that if you're going to give your child an app to play with, you have to trust it. All our apps are designed to give children the confidence to have fun as they explore and develop their skills.

Through each stage of their development, all our apps are worked on collaboratively with our panel of testers and educational experts.

All our interfaces are specifically designed with younger children in mind. This ensures the app meets the expectations of teachers, practitioners, parents and children everywhere.

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