Let's Xylophone

Category: Music

Ages: 0-3 3-5 7-11
Price: Android - Free
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From the Developer

App. for the excellent education for your children!

- Children can learn about the xylophone themselves. There are 4 levels in terms of difficulty of learning

- ‘Free’ downloading of about 4000 songs played in xylophone

- more than 300,000 downloads! Thanks for your support

Functions of the Let’s Xylophone

1. Play

- Children can play the music freely. There are xylophone, wind instruments, chorus, string instruments. Various instruments can be selected depending on backgrounds.

2. Learn

- This will help your kid learn children’s songs from the background of a charming and adorable music instruments
- They can study various tunes downloaded from the internet.

3. Listen
- Tunes are to be played in xylophone automatically.
- When a song is downloaded, you can watch and listen to it directly.
- An excellent educational audio and video app. for the children.

4. Recording, uploading and downloading

- Parent or children can record the music they play.
- They can upload the recorded tune on the internet and share it with other users.

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