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About Let's Do Mental Maths

Let's do Mental Maths is an education app that covers the entire primary school age range and concentrates on developing children’s mental arithmetic skills through practice.  Each can track multiple users to make it ideal for teachers and parents.

Let's Do Mental Maths Review

Rather than over-complicate a single app with a multitude of options and charge people for content that they may not necessarily need, the developer of this app has split the content over a number of age targeted apps. Essentially each one works identically but is distinguished from the others by the topics of maths that it covers and the difficulty of the question.  As such this review can be seen to apply to the entire range of Lets Do Mental Maths from Andrew Brodie apps.  These are available individually or as a bundle.

Having selected the age appropriate version of this app you will be met with three options.  The first provides a general quiz that can help to point out areas to work on.  The second leads to a large number of topics that create a tightly focussed quiz on a specific subject within maths.  The third option shows a selection of timed quizzes with each covering a variety of maths topics.  All but the first is initially locked and adequately completing them opens up the subsequent ones.  These are general quizzes and do a good job of showing the student’s progress through the app. 

The quizzes themselves provide an excellent test of mental arithmetic.  Each one is read out by a clear voice and also shown in written format.  The visual presentation of the quiz is quite different from competing apps as the questions are presented in a horizontally scrolling format, and the player can look ahead at the questions or even answer them out of order.  Occasionally between questions there will be a tip or an extra maths challenge.  The longevity of the practice section is ensured by the questions being randomly generated each time. 

The individual questions are answered by typing the answer into a built in keypad.  Two levels of hints can be obtained:  The first reduces the input to a choice of answers.  The next hint rules out one of the incorrect options.

These apps are ideal for use by an individual student at home or by a whole class at school.  Students can enter their names to enable the reporting section of the app to track their engagement and progress with it.  These reports provide an excellent breakdown of what each student has attempted and a number of indicators of their performance including their average time per question.   To assist teachers in comparing progress and understanding across their class the locked quizzes have their content fixed.  This ensures that teachers can be sure that each child has faced the exact same challenge to achieve their results.

With an increased focus on arithmetic in primary schools, and this being an area of maths that only practice can develop, apps such as those in this bundle grant a way to build it in to children’s maths tuition and also to monitor this skill without adding any extra administrative burden to teachers.  With its clear presentation and its well-judged age targeted content, this bundle of apps makes an excellent addition to teacher’s and parent’s efforts to support their children.

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