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Rating Leo AR Education - 4 out of 5 - Good Rating 4.0

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About Leo App Review

Add dinosaurs, insects, animals and fairy-tale princesses to your world and enliven lessons with augmented reality by using Leo AR Education app. Leo is easy to use, fun and one of the best augmented reality apps for kids on the market. The Leo app is available to download for iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android devices. 

Leo App Review Review

Kids can learn about the exciting technology of Augmented Reality (AR) as they play with the many objects contained within Leo AR Education.  AR turns your device's screen into a window on a mix of the real world and a fantastical one where you can place cartoon creatures and items n your own rooms.

Is the Leo app easy to use?

Setting up the app for your local environment is easy - you just need to align your device's camera with the surface on to which you want your added items to appear. This then becomes a kind of anchor point for what you want to add to the augmented world.

There is a huge selection of items you can add to your surroundings. These are categorised into useful groups such as bugs, animals, pets, insects, dinosaurs, alphabet and many more. There are also some more whimsical categories such as princesses, stickers, and emojis. 

What we love about the Leo app

The 3D models appear crisp and clear in the augmented world. They are sharply detailed and coloured appropriately.  Many of them are well animated which adds a distinct amount of liveliness to the scene.  

Just tapping the item's icon causes it to appear where an on-screen arrow is pointing and you control this arrow's location by moving your device.  That's all there is to it. The object is then visible through your screen and appears as if it is really in your room. You can walk around it, get closer, and step back. You can also scale the object up or down, perhaps putting a tiny dinosaur on your desk or having a huge one loom over you from the floor.  Doing this, you can fully explore whatever creature or object you have summoned into your augmented reality.  

Once the scene is created you can capture it as a still or video image.  It can then be shared in many different ways directly from the app or saved to your device's storage.  The sharing is extended into the app's own sharing platform which is reminiscent of social media such as Twitter or Instagram.  This is an interesting option with which to browse the output of other users of this app but as with all social media facilities, you should look at it carefully and decide how useful and appropriate it is to make it available to children.

As an AR app, Leo AR Education is good fun and works well. AR is an interesting technology and can give those who have never used it a real 'wow' moment.  

What the Leo app could improve on

As an education app it is less clear cut.  A class learning about the alphabet could inject some fun by filling their classroom with virtual letters.  Another class learning about insects or dinosaurs could get a close-up look at them in an interesting way.  The problem is, though, that there is no accompanying information for each creature, not even a name. 

For creative teachers who can work this app and the use of mobile devices into their lessons, it will enhance their presentations but not really add anything of substance. Of course, in some cases, grabbing the attention of the kids is a large part of the lesson and this app could definitely help with that.

Teachers and parents will need to consider how they could fit this type of AR app into exciting and educating their children. If you think that your children will be inspired by the sort of activities they could put this app towards, then LEO AR Education is well worth looking at. 

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Android, iPad, iPhone


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