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LEGO Mindstorms fix the factory is an excellent app for teaching the principles of Key Stage 2 Computer Studies. The app has excellent graphics and is very engaging creating competition within the classroom. Once a profile has been set up students must guide a robot through 24 levels filled with switches, batteries, conveyor belts, force fields and more.
Each level enables the student to create a series of programs and function to direct the robot to complete the task at hand. This can be a little frustrating at times as the program sequence at the bottom can be difficult to move around. The levels are well designed, a little easy at the beginning, and the new elements are introduced well, and there's just enough time to get used to a new obstacle before another one is thrown in. Each level has four stars that players can earn: Attempts, Errors, Moves, and Time. This is not that obvious even when the level has been completed.
LEGO Mindstorms fix the factory is a beautifully presented FREE computer science app that will keep students entertained for some while whilst teaching them the basic and complexities of programming even though it could be a little bit more user friendly.

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Developer Description

Meet EV3RSTORM, the new LEGO MINDSTORMS robot who can walk, rotate, grab, shoot and put the misplaced battery packs at the NOGO factory back in their right place - if you tell him the right moves to do it!
But watch out, it’s not as easy as it seems. And you never know which challenges the floors inside the factory are going to present to you!

Fix The Factory is an addictive puzzle game full of unexpected obstacles that are guaranteed to challenge your logic thinking, your spatial intelligence and your robot commanding skills.

The game is packed with fun sound effects, challenging puzzles, cool robot functions, great level designs and a funky robotic soundtrack.

See if you can complete the levels and earn the maximum score based on:

  • Least number of attempts
  • Least number of moves
  • Least amount of errors
  • Shortest time
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