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About Learning Upgrade

This app has been developed to help young children become more competent when it comes to English and Math. Set around the American state standards for English and math the app follows on from successful programs, created by the developers, which include English Upgrade, Math Upgrade and Algebra Upgrade.  
The premise of the app is simple, it aims to help young children learn through interactive elements such as songs, videos and games and appeal to the ‘tech savvy’ generation of young children who are nearly all competent in the use of electronic devices. 

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Learning Upgrade Review

From visiting the developer’s website it is clear to see that there is a lot of experience and knowledge that has gone into producing this app. The developers have already created highly successful programs in reading, math and algebra and have bought this experience into creating this app. The website itself is full of information with lots of videos on how to get the best out of the app and how to maximise the learning within it too. One of the things that set aside the website supporting the app, from other developers, was the trove of information that it had. This includes downloads and relevant information articles in the support of app technology and learning through apps.  
The developers themselves have stated that the app can be used for a range of different groups. These include, students who are struggling with English and math and need some more support either in or outside of the classroom, young children on their journeys to becoming confident, competent readers; Special Education Needs students providing them with extra support and guidance, home school students especially as it is linked to state standards and adult learners particularly those who have English as a second language. Although the app is American because it links to the state standards I would suggest that it could be used in other countries however probably not in the classroom but as an app used in the home.  
There is a large amount of content within the app, in fact there is over 900 lessons but what makes the app enjoyable and engaging is the way the learning is spread out through the app. As the user works through the lessons they are split into bite size chunks so it doesn’t feel like you are being overloaded with content detracting from the actual learning that is happening. The lessons themselves involve probably the right amount of instruction but importantly there are also opportunities for lots of practice. There is also a good amount of support available for those users that need a little extra help, this is in the form of animations and spoken voice. Although some of the menu animations seem a little dated the actual animations and content within the app is really well designed and does not seem dated at all and therefore does not detract from the learning, in fact it emphasises it and should encourage users to return to the app.  
Overall this is a really good app that can be used for a number of different people, from children to adults. I would suggest that it would work best as a home to school app where young children are using it as an app to back up the learning that is going on in the classroom, especially as the content of the app is linked so well to the state standards.  The content and the way it is delivered through the app though all go towards making it an app that should be heavily used with users continually returning to it.

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Learning Upgrade

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