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Learning Time With Timmy

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About Learning Time With Timmy

An app from the British Council to aid young children in their reading and understanding.

Teacher Review

This app has been developed by the British Council so as you would imagine the usability of the whole app is brilliant with any user being able to easily pick it up and get on straight away with playing and enjoying it. The look of the app is also very slick and in keeping with the illustrations from the main character of the app’s television programmes (Timmy Time by Aardman). In using such a familiar character the user is immediately engaged in using the app but it also gives a certain gravitas having such a familiar named developer and character involved.
The aim of the app is to help young children develop their understanding of words, numbers, colours etc through game play within the app. The developer has targeted the app towards not just young initial readers but also for students of a slightly older age that have English as an Additional Language and this fits perfectly with the premise of the app. There are three different games within the app and the user is exposed to around 60 different words through these games which they access through discovery in popping balloons, scrubbing away leaves and snow and matching the picture to the explanation and description given by the narrator. Each of the games allows the user a slightly different experience but this also goes some way towards helping them stay engaged within the app and also in returning to the app to continue practising their knowledge and understanding of the words. Within each of the games the narrator, along with text at the bottom, highlights what the user needs to achieve and this aids at helping the user to differentiate any support they might need but also in terms of a user whose first language is not English, it helps them to hear clearly how the word is supposed to be pronounced. 
The app has a feel of being aimed more towards the home/parent market rather than the school market as there are no specific techniques usually associated with educational reading, word recognition apps. However, having said that utilising a number of different approaches to learning new words is ideal so schools could easily encourage parents to use an app such as this to help. There are also a number of positives about this app over different approaches too and the way that the developer has created an app that young people will want to keep coming back to. Having such a character as Timmy is an immediate draw to using the app and this enables the user to want to keep coming back rather than a full on educational app that might do a lot towards helping the user in their reading but not keep them wanting to come back to the app.
Throughout the app the user is rewarded with stickers as they successfully complete different aspects. These stickers can then be used in a selection of different scenarios allowing the user to have an enjoyable ‘play’ experience away from the main focus of the app. There is also an opportunity to access a number of different videos of short clips of Timmy and his friends from the TV series. This is another addition that helps to make app really enjoyable and fully engaging to users and is a big draw to downloading the app in the first place.
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  • Learning Time With TimmyLearning Time With TimmyLearning Time With TimmyLearning Time With TimmyLearning Time With Timmy


Timmy, your child’s favourite character from the Shaun the Sheep Movie, has his very own app! Learning Time with Timmy is an educational games app to help your children learn words in English including colours, numbers, animals and more! It is ideal for children aged 6 and younger for learners who are learning English as a second language, and for children aged 3 and under if their first language is English.

We’ve listened to your feedback and suggestions to create a new and updated version of Learning Time with Timmy. Our app is now more intuitive making it even more fun for your kids to use.

Play three exciting games and learn over 60 new words with Timmy and his friends from the ‘Timmy Time’ television show.

• Listen to the narrator, follow the instructions and place toys and classroom objects in the box.
• Pop balloons to learn numbers, colours and shapes.
• Sweep away leaves and snow to find hidden food and objects.

By playing the Learning Time with Timmy games your child can:

• Begin learning over 60 English words including numbers, colours, shapes, food, animals, classroom objects and toys
• Practise listening and hear the narrator say the words aloud
• Play exciting games that get more challenging as your child gets smarter
• Earn and collect stickers and videos as they progress in the app. Tap the trophy button at any time to play with the stickers and watch the video clips!

Learning Time with Timmy is an English language learning app developed by the British Council and Aardman Animations.

The British Council has combined its 80 years of international teaching experience with the Academy Award®-winning creativity of Aardman. Characters from the Shaun the Sheep Movie appear in an app that will capture children’s imaginations and inspire them to learn alongside Timmy and his friends.

The British Council has combined its 80 years of international teaching experience with the Academy Award winning creativity of Aardman Animations. Characters from the Shaun the Sheep Movie appear in an app that will capture children’s imaginations and inspire them to learn alongside Timmy and his friends.

Your child’s privacy is very important to us. We do not collect any information about your child or your family. The app provides a completely safe learning environment. We track how the app is used, such as which of the games are most popular, in order to make the app more enjoyable for your child.


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