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About Learnie App

Learnie is a unique learning app that enables students and teachers to learn in a fun, fast and engaging way. The application provides micro-learning sessions on a variety of topics in short 30 second bursts including questions, dedicated subject specialists and high-quality video. The application is suitable for students 12 years and above and is free to download through the App Store and Google Play. The application is compatible with mobile and tablets devices and also has a wonderful dedicated web version.

Learnie App Review

Learnie is a wonderful application that gives students, teachers, tutors and parents a way to record and share content in a fun and exciting way. Courses are created in a series of microlearning bursts that introduce concepts quickly whilst providing feedback to understand knowledge recall and progression. The content is truly vast and incredibly diverse from warming up your singing voice to learning algebra or even mastering juggling!

Is the Learnie app easy to use?

Setting up the app is very easy with a simple user interface that is uncluttered and intuitive. Users are encouraged to create an account so that courses can be built and subject knowledge can be monitored. The home page includes several features such as categories, subject search, courses that have been built, videos that have been viewed as well as the latest microlearning feeds.

What we love about the Learnie app?

The layout of the application is extremely user friendly and finding a relevant topic is very easy. We appreciate that the application has a limited amount of microlearning subjects at present, but we are sure this library will grow and grow. Once a subject has been chosen the user is shown how long the course is, its popularity, current course users and how it can be shared. Users can make a decision using this information and by watching the video introduction to see whether this may be the microlearning course for them. We love that fact that the videos are highly engaging, the instructors are very enthusiastic and passionate about their content.

What skills does it improve?

The skills it improves are endless due to the variety of content. However, many studying skills are also addressed. The ability to work through modelled examples, answering questions along the way to reinforce understanding, repeating the learning bursts, breaking down subject content to bitesize learning, saving and organising content and much more.

How will students benefit?

It’s fun! Studying, revising or learning new content can be tedious and boring. Students are always looking for new ways to absorb content is this fast-digital age. Learnie does just that!

How will teachers benefit?

Teachers can create content themselves and engage their students with micro-learning sessions in the knowledge that learning will continue outside of the classroom. The application is incredibly useful for those kinaesthetic learners as well as those who enjoy visual and auditory learning.

How will parents benefit?

Parents are always concerned that children are spending too much time online or looking at a screen. At least with Learnie, they are learning online with a dedicated platform that is safe and user friendly. Parents can leave children unsupported with the application once the initial set up has been shown.

What the Learnie app could improve on

  • The Learnie application currently displays a limited number of microlearning subjects but we are sure the content will grow.
  • The developers may want to consider adding an option for subtitles to support those who have hearing impairments.
  • The quality of the videos can vary especially the picture quality and teaching styles, the developers may want to consider this going forward with further content.
  • As the application grows the content may need to be categorised further with latest or most viewed videos on the home screen.

Is the Learnie safe to use?

Although the application asks for a user account the app is very safe to use. The account will enable a more personalised experience. It is noted that the content cannot be viewed with signing up. 

How much does Learnie cost?

The application is currently free and can be downloaded via the Appstore and Google Play.

Learnie is great fun and enables students to grasp several skills and subject knowledge at an incredibly fast speed. The interface is very intuitive and with further content, the application will go from strength to strength. Learning in small bursts in today’s fast-paced digital world is exactly what our students are looking for.

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