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  • Learn World History (Full)Learn World History (Full)Learn World History (Full)Learn World History (Full)Learn World History (Full)


Learn world history from the beginnings of civilization until 1900!

This is the paid version of the app, which has no ads and twice as many events as the free version.

Learn world history from the beginnings of civilization until 1900. This app contains over 750 events, which you can be quizzed on in two different ways. First, you can get a sense of the order of historical events by using the “Which Came First” quiz, in which you choose the first of two events to happen. Then nail down exact dates with the “When Did It Happen” quiz, where you have to identify a specific year when an event occurred.
The quizzes can be customized to a specific date range, so you only are learning about the time period that is most important to you. This also allows you to learn more quickly, by focusing on one or more centuries at a time. The quizzes can also be limited to one of three subject areas: Warfare and Politics; Science and Exploration; or Arts and Culture. There is also a difficulty setting which controls how far apart the events are (in “Which Came First”) or how far apart the answer choices are (in “When Did It Happen”).
To study, there is a History Browser which shows events in order, with optional color-coding by subject area.

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