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About Learn Typing

LEARN TYPING is prepared with you in mind. Learn Typing is an online free typing tutor. 
Our free typing lessons have been prepared for people of all ages, experiences and abilities to learn typing. 
If you’re looking for a free typing test, we have more than one to choose from.
The Learn Typing free typing tutor has beginner and advanced typing lessons as well as timed typing tests and keyboard 
shortcuts that will make your typing practice soooooo much easier. With Learn Typing, you can enjoy free typing lessons at your level. 
Learn Typing has been prepared by a qualified high school typing tutor who currently teaches seniors to learn how to type. 
This wide typing experience has brought together a typing programme that can help everyone to learn how to type.
How to use the 'Learn Typing' app
1. To receive the FULL benefits of this free Learn Typing tutor app, be sure to complete ALL sections of: Beginner Typing Lessons and Advanced Typing Skills.
2. To succeed with Learn Typing, start with a typing lesson at your level and don't move on too soon. This will build a strong foundation for your typing skills.
3. You must Practise! Practise! Practise! both Beginner and Advanced Typing sections AND the Typing Tests to learn typing and succeed with your work, education and personal goals.
Typing is a finite set of skills that requires training. Through this sort of learning format, you must rely on yourself to 
be your own coach and trainer. This means you must consistently provide yourself with discipline, intelligent direction and encouragement. 
The extent to which you successfully play this coach/trainer role for yourself will largely determine how good a typist you will become!
Type to a steady rhythm. Generally, the time between keystrokes should be the same, giving you a sense of flow and the ability to scan ahead at a constant speed.
Relax. No unnecessary or dysfunctional tension. Enjoy the rhythm of your own typing!
Hit the keys squarely in the center. If you find you aren't consistently doing so, SLOW DOWN!!! It should feel good to type!
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