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Learn to read (Learn ABC) FREE

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  • Learn to read (Learn ABC) FREELearn to read (Learn ABC) FREELearn to read (Learn ABC) FREELearn to read (Learn ABC) FREELearn to read (Learn ABC) FREE

Publisher's Description

Learn to read is a fun learning game for preschools kids.

Play and learn at the same time

3 different game modes

* Alphabet
* ABC memory
* Learn to read

This game is also fun for the youngest children with a little help from an adult who reads the word and the child selects image

Have fun!

Learn to Read is a fun, Android-based app that helps children learn the ABCs
and begin to develop early reading skills, while enjoying a fun game. Our bright,
friendly application was developed specifically with preschoolers in mind, ensuring
that their attention will be held by the colorful graphics. While they enjoy the fun
interface, they will be learning about their letters and building those early skills that
will lead to reading.

Studies show that children learn best through play, particularly when it comes to
skills that involve multiple senses. To learn to read, children must have the ability
to both visually recognize letters and then recall the sounds they make. The more
children see letters and hear their corresponding sounds, the easier it becomes
for them to master their relationship. Repetition is key to mastering the ABCs, but
unfortunately, most preschoolers have limited attention spans, particularly for non-
preferred tasks that do not seem fun.

As an educational game, Learn to Read makes it fun for kids to learn their ABCs.
Children are naturally attracted to technology, particularly handheld electronics like
Android phones. Our interactive learning app features bright, colorful graphics and
an easy-to-use interface that preschoolers are drawn to. The app also includes three
fun, educational games in one to hold children's short attention spans for longer
periods of time.

The three games found in Learn to Read each develop a different set of skills in
young children through hands-on, fun learning that will feel just like play to them:

- The Alphabet Sound Chart - With the Alphabet Sound Chart, children see a full list
of all 26 letters in the English alphabet. Both the lowercase and uppercase versions
are shown for each letter, getting kids accustomed to viewing both formats. Each
set of letters is displayed in an individual block and is large enough for children to
read with ease. As children touch the letter on the screen, they are treated with the
sound that the letters make. Preschoolers quickly become captivated by discovering
the effect that their fingers have on the screen and begin repeatedly pressing letters.
Each time, they hear the proper pronunciation of the sound, strengthening their
mental connection between the letters and the sounds that they produce.

- ABC Memory - The ABC Memory game not only builds letter recognition skills, but
also enhances children's ability to reason and recall. On the bottom of the screen,
kids see a large, uppercase letter positioned below smaller white blocks. The object
of the game is to turn over the blocks and find the matching letters to make sets.
Children are naturally curious and anxious to see what's hidden in each block,
compelling them to continue playing and learning.

- Learn to Read - The Learn to Read component of the game combines the letter and

sound recognition skills built in Alphabet Sound Chart and ABC Memory to help
children begin to recognize common sight words. In this game, a word is shown
with four pictures above. Children are rewarded for selecting the picture that
corresponds with the word.

The Learn to Read app is the latest in smart, fun kids' games. Download it today for
your child to enjoy while on the go or at home and watch them build their reading
skills while having fun.


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