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Learn to count with Wombi!

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  • Learn to count with Wombi!Learn to count with Wombi!Learn to count with Wombi!Learn to count with Wombi!Learn to count with Wombi!


Learn to count with Wombi is a fun and inspirational way to introduce your children to numbers and counting. A pedagogic and playful game of counting fishes in the ocean gives the child a good opportunity to learn their first numbers, whilst having fun!

Learn to count with Wombi includes:
- A clear introduction to the numbers 1-10, where you can add or subtract fishes underwater while seeing, both in number and text, how many they are.
- A quiz, where your child answers how many fishes he or she can see on the screen. Challenging, fun and educational!
- More languages. When you’ve learnt 1-10 in English, you can move on to other languages.
- Languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, Norweigan, Danish, Russian, Portugese and Italian.
- A simple and obvious interface makes the app easy for everyone to use.

Learn to count with Wombi gives your child a head start in understanding numbers and learning to count!

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