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Speaktribe App basically makes learning Spanish into a virtual game, where you get points for everything you do correctly in the app.  Speaktribe gives you the opportunity to learn Spanish with the guidance, tips and suggestions to improve your Spanish Language vocabulary. You can learn at your own pace at your own convenience. For those looking for more listening and speaking practice, download SpeakTribe, in which native speakers help you learn and correct your acento.

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Some of the key features are:

  • Your virtual Spanish tutor will help you learn Spanish at your own pace and actively help you with your language goals.
  • The language lessons can also be given in mini-games, you can get listening and multiple choice tests to help you.
  • Level-up by completing each new lesson. As you progress you get a variety of new content like numbers and greetings.
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Learn Spanish with SpeakTribe using our new innovative approach designed especially for beginners to start speaking quickly!

Using SpeakTribe you learn Spanish and test for it at the same time by playing a game. You will start speaking by learning words, short phrases and sentences in just 5 days. Speaktribe is designed to be your personal coach in helping you learn basics including vocabulary and pronunciation in a fun and easy way. In 5 days, you will see that you have started getting hang of basic Spanish!

The design is based on scientific research which tells that, to understand basics of a language you need not master a large vocabulary. Speak tribe introduces you to the more common words and phrases first, so that by the end of first day itself you can form your own basic sentences which are not just academic but also practical.

Guiding Principles
* Language is primarily vocal - SpeakTribe emphasizes on listening and speaking more than anything else, the two faculties which are also the most useful to a new learner.
* You need to practice a language to master it and gain confidence. And so, SpeakTribe provides you ability to chat (speak) with the application.
* Any language has a small number of prepositions and conjunctions, some of which take some time to master but are crucial to your understanding of the language.
* Noun words constitute the majority of a mature vocabulary but they do not give you the best ROI initially in terms understanding a language. Once you have a solid foundation built, you will find picking up these words pretty easy.
* Verbs are the most useful but the most difficult set to master.

So go ahead, give it a shot, and start speaking Spanish - one of the most popular languages of the world! You will find it was actually fun to learn Spanish

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