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MosaLingua is a fantastic app that will suit all your Spanish language needs. If you are looking for a quick revision tool that you can plough through and learn effectively with, this app gets right to the point of what you need to do in order to learn the language.  The app receives 5 Stars and the EAS Recommended status. 

Learn Spanish with MosaLingua Review

We were very taken by this app. At the Educational App Store, we have Spanish teachers in the office and they were very keen to observe that the app follows a very effective way for committing vocabulary to memory. To begin with, you click the “Explore” section and go through a series of topics or “categories”. All the topics teach you the basic vocabulary and phrases that you need to know within the topic.  The phrases and vocabulary are split in ten levels from “Beginner” to “Advanced”. You can either set your level before you begin and work through the app or, you can set according to what you know and don’t know when you are working within the app. 

The premise of the app is to learn the vocabulary and phrases in bite-sized chunks in flashcard form. Then, the app reminds you of what you have learnt and asks you to review the flashcards again in a format that tests your knowledge.  This method of learning is very effective and it translates the knowledge from your short-term memory to your long-term memory.  So effective is this method of learning, that we have seen Spanish GCSE students go from a D grade to an A grade simply by going through a consistent vocabulary and phrases learning period prior to exams. If there is motivation and the app is used regularly (hence why the app reminds you of what to learn), students will progress incredibly well.

The learner chooses the level and the content he/she would like to learn by going through each word and clicking on the tab that places it on to his/her learning list. Then, when you hit the “Learn” tab, the app presents the material in five flashcards which you learn from. You can test yourself and learn from the language that you are learning to English or vice-versa. Another option is to test yourself directly. You say whether you got the answer right or incorrect. The more you progress and the more correct that you are, the more that you uncover.  It would be a good idea to make sure that the user understands that it is important to be honest with his/her results as it is too easy click the “Perfect” button- (this is a bit akin to the self-control that is required when a learner has the answers at the back of his/her textbook!).

In order to keep the learner motivated, the app measures your progress and provides statistics on how much you are learning. Furthermore, the more you learn the more “Bonus” content you uncover. This “Bonus” content has jokes, quotes from celebrities, common sayings, useful tips for learning and a series of fun facts that are in the language that you are learning.

For non-school learners, you can probably work with the app a little quicker and you shall learn the basics to intermediate of a language in a few months. You will understand what people are saying and be able to get by in the country where the language is spoken. Apart from vocabulary and set expressions you will learn basic grammar and how to use it.  Furthermore, the “Dialogues” feature allows you to listen and learn to set expressions that are used in specific sentences.

Overall, this app is a wonderful learning tool that has been carefully been thought out on all aspects. The content is great, as is the design, layout and sound. The app deserves a high EAS 5 Stars. Great job MosaLingua!

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