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About Learn Spanish - MindSnacks

MindSnacks is often a widely praised iOS Spanish app that treats learning Spanish as a game rather than being taught entire phrases and grammar points. It is most suitable for the kids to learn basic Spanish vocabulary and simple sentences in school.

Learn Spanish - MindSnacks Review

The key metric of the Learn Spanish - Mindsnacks are the games. When you first enter the app, you’re taken to the homepage with nine games, and each game is based on content that’s centered on a certain theme, like food, home or school. Since the name of the game is speed, the app is great for kids who like fast-thinking learning games. With these best Spanish apps, learning Spanish is simple, fun and effective.

Slower, more practical-minded kids may not like some portions of this app but may gravitate toward the vocabulary lists with detailed images instead.

Two available games at startup are Swell and Belly. In Swell, an English or Spanish word flashes on screen and kids must select a correct translation before water runs out on a cute little fish. Belly is a simple matching game wherein a frog snatches correct answers with a fantastically long tongue. Finishing the above two games unlocks seven more, including Word Birds, where kids select letters to spell target words.

MindSnacks are tailored for young children but it can still be a fun way to learn Spanish, and an effective one too.

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