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Learn Spanish English for Kids

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About Learn Spanish English for Kids

Nowadays it is imperative the bilingual education of the children and this game of English for kids was born out of that need

Funny Pets is an educational game for kids. It’s simple and fun and its main objective is to help the kids in the process of learning the words in different languages through the association of each concept with its written word, its image and its pronunciation, in natural way. This new method makes it one of the best games for kid’s educational language

This method has been created by a team of expert educators and pedagogues who have adapted their learning methodology to the world of tablets and smartphones so that children can enjoy the process of learning

 For children aged between 2 and 9 years

 Learn English while playing. Learn Spanish while playing

 Funny Pets uses English for kids and Spanish for kids, with the accent and the expressions specific to each language.

 It’s useful to learn the native language, but also to acquire basic vocabulary of a foreign language

 Besides, with this game children can learn how to use the new mobile technologies in an easy and intuitive way.

 The immediate achievement is a great motivation for the child and it encourages him or her to keep playing (and learning), knowing that he or she is doing it ok

Funny Pets has 3 different games, each one of them focuses the learning of words from a different perspective.This multi-game feature helps the memorization of the words

 WHAT: educational game for kids where they can see the image of a character or an object and hear the pronunciation of its name thus he can quickly associate both and learn to speak properly

 WORDS: educational game for kids presents another way to associate the written word with its pronunciation and the image of the object thus the kid can learn it easily in English and Spanish.It’s recommended for children of all ages: preschoolers, schoolchildren, preteens

 WORLD: the kid can develop his or her imagination because he or she can play with lots of characters and put them in different landscapes.The kid can draw his or her own creation by moving, resizing or rotating the objects in the screen

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 Internet Connection Required

 The game is free with ads (can be removed for € 0.89)

 Three games in one

 With 12 different stages or landscapes and 115 characters, you will have lots of stuff to learn vocabulary in English and Spanish

 Enjoy the fun music Each game has its own child song and lots of sounds

 FunnyPets has colorful childish pictures and lots of its characters have funny movements and animations

 FunnyPets is a preschool game that helps to keep the kids amused while they play and learn how to talk, read and write their first words in English and Spanish,which is very important for their education

 It is highly recommended for children from Russia, Spain, Indonesia, Pakistan, United Kingdom, England, Great Britain, United States (USA), Ireland, Peru, Barein, Guatemala, Japan, Kuwait, Australia, South Africa, France, Germany, Finland, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Iceland,Ukraine, Croatia, Serbia, Canada, China, South Korea, Taiwan, India, Brazil, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Venezuela, Sweden, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Colombia, Italy, Greece, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Costa Rica

 This new English course for children British, Russian, Chinese, Brazilian, German, French, Canadian, Australian, Japanese, Argentinean, Chilean, Cuban, Puerto Ricans, Belgian, Romanians, Indians, Indians, Portuguese, Italian, New Zealander, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Czech, Turkish, Saudi, Bangladeshi, Korean, Filipino, Indonesian, Jordanian, Kuwaiti, Pakistani, Sri Lankan, Vietnamese, Venezuela, Bulgarian, Slovak, Slovenian, Estonian, Greek, Icelandic, Uruguay, Dominican, Panamanian, Paraguayan, Mexican and South African
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