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About Learn Portuguese - MindSnacks

This MindSnacks app is focused on learning Portuguese. With nine games, you will learn how to read, speak, and write with new vocabulary and conversational skills. Learn Portuguese by MindSnacks is available for download at the iOS App Store.

Learn Portuguese - MindSnacks Review

Learn Portuguese by MindSnacks allows users to learn Portuguese while playing games. Featuring 9 games designed for essential vocab & conversation skills, the Portuguese app is perfect for adults, kids, students and travelers hoping to boost their Portuguese prowess.

There are 50 levels; the first one is free; the rest are available for purchase. If you need to know how to get around, get food, meet and greet people, shop, or find local hangouts, this app is guaranteed to help you. It is aimed for any audience, whether you are a student or an older adult studying Portuguese for a hobby. 

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