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About Learn Muscles: Anatomy

Learn Muscles : Anatomy Quiz & Reference has been designed to provide doctors, students, physiotherapists, and everyone else with a detailed yet concise point of reference for learning all about the muscles of the human body.

If you are looking for a reference tool to learn about muscle groups, then this app is fantastic as it contains information on more than 141 muscle groups, detailing their name, origin, action, audio pronunciation, insertion, and much more. 

Learn Muscles: Anatomy Review

This is largely achieved thanks to a collection of 141 muscles, deep and superficial, with all kinds of notes and annotations. Additionally, you can also add your own notes to each entry, making this a powerful revision tool.

Each muscle also comes complete with an audio sample of the correct pronunciation of its name, so you won’t end up making a fool of yourself like I do when I try to act like I know what on Earth I’m talking about!

There is also a quiz maker which lets you create your own MCQ quiz focusing on one area at a time, and the wrong answer elicits the app to speak out the correct one with the correct muscle image, almost like a study buddy. 

This app also contains six videos totaling 20 minutes which explain the function of the hip, shoulder, back and face muscles, as well as fascia and the nervous system. This is perfect for building your understanding of muscles and their relation to joint structures and the nervous system.

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