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About Busuu App

Busuu is an interactive, language-learning app gradually guides the user through the study of a new language. Busuu is available via its browser-based platform at busuu.com and via apps for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Both the website and busuu app are user-friendly and simple to use. The languages you can learn at Busuu is quite impressive, ranging from Spanish, French, Italian, German, English, Chinese, to 14 other languages. Busuu app download is available for iOS (iPad and iPhone) and for Android devices

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Busuu App Review

What is Busuu

Busuu is a well-designed and effective free language learning app that provides learners with a comprehensive foundation in the four essential language skills: speaking, writing, reading, and listening.

Busuu provides an offline mode that helps you learn a language even when you don't have Wi-Fi or an internet connection, however you will need a subscription for this to work. 

Busuu languages is geared at regular interval learning, whereby little and often’ will reap the greatest rewards, as part of a daily schedule in the app’s ‘Study Plan’. In the website, Busuu already boasts an impressive 120 million users. 

Busuu has recently introduced a new AI feature called Smart Review. This feature uses artificial intelligence to personalize your revision process and help you learn more effectively. Smart Review analyzes your strengths and weaknesses in each language skill, and then suggests exercises and activities that are tailored to your individual needs. It also provides feedback on your progress, so you can see how you're improving over time.

How Busuu works

Visit the Busuu website or download the Busuu app on iOS or Android device. After choosing the language you'd like to learn, you can create a new Busuu account via the website or app with your email address or log in with Facebook or Google.

Subsequently, the user can easily choose his/her language pairs for study and then will embark on their language-learning adventure. To which I have previously alluded, there are twelve languages from which you can choose.  Each with well-structured and comprehensive target-language contexts, and specific to your current competence level, thanks to the ‘Placement Tests’.

With support from the app and volunteer native speakers you are effectively and conscientiously guided through the learning process, if you wish attaining a level and/or certificate showcasing your progression and achievement. We've covered the advantages of and differences between apps like Duolingo, Babbel and Memrise.

Can Busuu make you fluent?

Yes, Busuu app is easy to use! Busuu app offers an easy-to-follow progression from the receptive vocabulary learning, whereby the users choose the context of learning and, subsequently, complete a range of reinforcement activities aimed at gradually increasing familiarity and, thereby, accuracy of use and understanding.

These activities appear intermittently throughout the vocabulary-learning process, and recap the words that the user has recently accessed.  They apprise the four key skills of listening, reading, speaking, and writing.  Each activity is an effective and engaging tool to reinforce the prior learning process.

The courses on offer deal with grammar, vocabulary, speaking, writing, reading and conversations – this latter is perhaps one of the standout features from busuu. Thanks to a plethora of registered native speakers, all users can practice their writing and speaking skills as part of the ‘Social’ feature. 

All of these can be found within the clearly defined study sets, allowing the user to either work through all of them as part of their ‘Completion Certificate’ or to choose individual, isolated units as per their need. This more refined focus is best showcased through the ‘Travel Language Course’, which, according to busuu itself, “covers all the survival phrases for your next holiday”.

Is Busuu free?

Busuu is available for free to download on iOS and Android devices. Busuu offers a free version with very limited features. Busuu offers a free plan that includes conversations with native speakers, while two other premium levels offer more advanced features. 

Does Busuu have a free trial?

No, Busuu doesn't offer a free trial. You can access the first few lessons of the Busuu language courses for free. If you decide you don’t like it, Busuu offers a 14-day money-back guarantee.

How much does Busuu cost?

Busuu premium subscription costs $13.95 per month, but costs less per month if you buy a longer subscription. You can opt to pay 6 months or 12 months with different discounts offering better value for longer subscriptions. 

Is Busuu worth paying for?

Busuu is an excellent choice for language learning, it does represent an engaging and motivating piece of software, with the clear, varied and entertaining presentations being its stand-out features. The potential for exploration of multiple languages is a real asset here and its individual interaction with each user and the option to link into Target-language communities and native speakers make this a considered and effective tool for all. Busuu is suited for almost all genre of user, with the potential of this app being what you make of it. Premium subscription adds a lot and is worth the cost. 

Download Busuu app and try it for yourself today! Busuu can be a good choice for learners, with its aesthetically pleasing design and excellent features. The content quality is also beneficial and interactive.

How can Busuu help teachers?

From an educator’s perspective, the relevant and clearly-presented content mean that this represents a very useful addition to the language learning classroom, with vocabulary showcased in entertaining, engaging, and extremely accurate ways. The score retention and positive manner in which progression is praised will be a huge motivational factor for the majority of students.

In addition to this, the ability to structure your language learning into daily challenges, with a specific end goal (fluency level: A1, A2, B1, B2) and end-goal date, also serve as engagement factors. Busuu app will work independently as a solid, comprehensive, and efficient language-learning software, but would complement well most school-based curricula. 

Busuu Review Conclusion

Busuu is a language learning program that encourages you to develop all your language skills—speaking, listening, reading and writing—at once.

Busuu does take things a step further, with more grammar explanations, better audio, and all-around more comprehensive courses, though there are still some weaknesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Busuu better than Duolingo?

After evaluating the courses from both Busuu and Duolingo, our expert team believes Busuu offers the more effective language learning program from top to bottom. Their lessons are ultimately more robust and effective.

Busuu only offers courses for 12 different languages, whereas Duolingo covers over 30 different languages.

Is Busuu good for Spanish?

Busuu is an excellent option to learn Spanish. Its Complete Spanish course is full of useful vocabulary and topics that will help you become conversational. It also partners with El País, a Spanish newspaper, to produce video and audio content that improve your comprehension skills.

Because it helps you enhance all communication skills (reading, writing, listening, and speaking) and provides a lot of practice exercises to continually improve, Busuu is a good choice for learning Spanish.

Is Busuu good for French?

Busuu is very good for learning French. It has its core Complete French course, as well as supplementary courses that teach specialized French. These courses consist of French for Travel, French Pronunciation, and French for Business.

Busuu French not only teaches you the basics of French but by offering specialized courses, you can achieve a higher level of French fluency with Busuu than with most other language apps.

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You can download Busuu App on your iOS or Android devices from the app stores. Download the Busuu App app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

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