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About Learn Kannada

Learn Kannada is an app that aims at teaching spoken Kannada to non-Kannadigas within just 10 days. The app is smart enough to teach them the pronunciation of each and every word and also test if they are pronouncing it the right way.

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What does the app contain?

Instant Words Translation - A feature through which a user can speak a word in English and the app speaks back the translation in Kannada. The feature also has a mode to switch to "Kannada to English" where the user can speak a word in Kannada and the app speaks back the English word for the same.

10 days course where a user can learn basic spoken Kannada with an example sentence for each word, everything with audio!

Flexi Course which gets divided into "Alphabet", “Words”, “Conversation”, “Random Magic” and "Antonyms".

a. Alphabet - Learn Kannada Alphabet pronunciation and also learn on how to write it. The user will have a dedicated screen to practice writing.
b. Words - Learn words in Kannada Categories wise Example: Basics, Numbers, Alphabets, Vegetables, Fruits etc.
c. Conversations - Learn basic conversations required. Example: Conversation with a maid, Conversation with auto driver etc.
d. Random Magic - Learn Verbs and their tenses with audio messages.
e. Antonyms - Words and its antonyms all with script and voice!*

Learn Kannada app has quizzes with over 300 MCQ questions to test yourself.

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