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Learn Japanese Kanji, Hiragana, Katakana, Numbers, Phrases, JLPT! JA Sensei assists you in any activity related to the Japanese language by providing clear Japanese lessons and numerous interactive exercises to learn the Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji, Japanese words, Japanese phrases for your trips, numbers, etc. Take multichoices, self-validated or drawing quizzes (draw kanji to answer questions!) to memorize what you learn on the long term. Whoever you are, simply curious about Japanese, a student in Japanese, or willing to take the JLPT, JA Sensei will meet be an unvaluable assistant.

Here are the current features available:

23 Japanese lessons to learn the basic concepts and grammatial structures
Each lesson contains a Japanese text for you to read and learn real Japanese sentences, a grammar page, and a culture page to learn Japanese customs and understand how the Japanese think

Learn Hiragana/Katakana progressively by levels
Learn Kanji by Jouyou Grades and JLPT levels
Add any Kana or Kanji to your personal list and practice only on your list
Listen to the pronunciation of each Kana
Get for each Kana and Kanji your overall right answer percentage to know on which ones you should improve
Increase the quiz difficulty progressively: easy, medium, hard
Add a countdown to limit the time yo have to answer (for medium and hard difficulty level)
Practice your writing skills and learn how to draw Hiragana, Katakana AND Kanji properly
The setup options for quizzes are saved so that you don't have to define them every time
Quickly switch between Hiragana/Katakana in the learning area
Search a Kana quickly by typing only one letter that it contains

500 Common Japanese phrases for real life communication or use it as a phrasebook
Learn Japanese phrases with audio clips (download)
Keep your favorite Japanese phrases in your personal list
Browse the Japanese phrasebook quickly and instantly by simple typing a few letters or a word

1700 words with audio clip by a native speaker
Take audio quizzes!
Create your personal list of Japanese words
Comments are added to explain the word when necessary
Search for any word from English or Romaji

500 numbers with audio clips by a native speaker
Listen and understand numbers from 0 to 10,000
Take audio quizzes
Create your personal list
Search any Japanese number from its numerical value or Romaji
Read numbers in Kanji, Romaji or numerical value

40 Japanese particles clearly explained and sorted with examples

45 Japanese counters to learn with counting example from 1 to 10 for each counter

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