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Developer Description

We're here to help you learn all the most common used Hindi words in ONE week. As kids we were memorizing hundreds of words without effort.It worked due to strong associative memory and connection between words and sensation.

We believe that a language is an audio-visual dynamic environment of images.

We design this app with help of a linguist to help beginners make their learning more efficient and more effective.

Notable features:
* Flash cards associated with audio in BOTH Hindi and English by native speakers.
(To memorize foreign words relying not on translation, but on object.)
* Addicting game to improve learners' memory
* High quality native speaker audio recordings
* 1000 Most Frequently Used Words to learn
* 20 Hindi Topics including:
Hindi Course - Travel
Hindi Course - Places
Hindi Course - Directions
Hindi Course - Money and Shopping
Hindi Course - Eating and Dining
Hindi Course - Colors and Numbers
Hindi Course - Family and Friends

How does this app work?
Learn section: You will learn the name and pronunciation of a word as you slide across the screen.Every word is pronounced in both Hindi and English.
Quiz section:You will hear a name belonging to one of images show on the screen. You should tap an image to complete the quiz,the pleasant applause tells a correct answer.
Every section is designed so you can enjoy success time after time and receive positive reinforcement from the likable teacher.

What will I learn? 
Travel, Places, Directions...... There are so many words here!You will learn all the common used Hindi words with fun and ease. A quiz game was designed to make your learning more efficient.

What won't I learn?
This app does not overload you with too many uncommon used words which you may not actually need. Coping with stress and over-stimulation is therefore one reason that you won't keep learning.
Its clear focus makes the app a delight for you.

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