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About Learn French with MosaLingua

Mosalingua French is a very comprehensive French language app that teaches the language from the very basic level right up to intermediate level. The aim of the app is to teach via learning drills and to learn the vocabulary off via memory in a consistent manner. The app reinforces the fact that revision of vocabulary and very conjugations is paramount to a successful communication level in a language. MosaLingua comes in a variety of languages for learning and practising with.

Teacher Review

MosaLingua Learn French focuses on sustained learning – ensuring you don’t forget the vocabulary you learn. This innovative app uses the SRS (Spaced Repetition System) method, which is designed to help you store new words in your long-term memory. It judges how difficult you find a particular section and then sets review dates to help you memorize the tricky vocabulary. This is very helpful if you struggle to retain vocabulary especially with the difficult spelling and pronunciation of French words.

What is great about the app is that it uses a number of methods: flashcards, audio (with speech recorded by native speakers), dialogues, learning tips, grammar sections, and a wide range of categories and sub-categories. It is enjoyable to use, and its method of tailoring the language reviews to your individual struggles is a big tick in its favor. Ultimately, the app will teach you the basics and specialized vocabulary but won’t help you past a basic level of French proficiency. Available on iOS, Android and Kindle Fire.

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Learn French in no time! MosaLingua's effective and addictive teaching method will help you memorize loads of vocabulary, key phrases and conjugations in record time. By using the dialogue exercises, you'll be able to improve both your French comprehension and your speaking skills at the same time.

MosaLingua was designed by a French professor and 2 developpers who actually uses MosaLingua on a daily basis.

Be sure to check out the video demo on

Did you know that you can get by just fine on vacation knowing less than 500 carefully-chosen words? Spending just 5 minutes per day for two months will allow you to memorize 600 words and key phrases! Did you know that you don't necessarily need to learn grammar to be able to speak a language?

Learn the essential 20% that will apply 80% of the time. Afterwards you can choose an area of focus that is relevant for you (travelling, sports, business, technology...). MosaLingua can be adapted to your schedule -- you get to decide how long each lesson will be and to your needs (future sessions are planned according your responses?)
Whether you are starting from scratch or you already know the basics, MosaLingua is adapted to suit your language needs.

Whether your motivation for learning French is for vacation or business purposes or simply for the joy of learning, MosaLingua will have you speaking French in no time:

- 3000 flash cards of words and phrases, including audio pronunciations by native French speakers
- 14 diverse categories (e.g. Accommodation, transportation, shopping, tourism, social, emergencies...)
-more than 100 sub-categories (e.g. At the restaurant, at the hotel, buying and negotiating, sports, partying, flirting...)
- Up to 10 levels to complete, from the basics to more specialized vocabulary
- 17 dialogues presenting common situations that come up on vacation (or when traveling)
- 10 lessons and language tips that will aid your progression
- More than 100 bonus materials to unlock as you progress

Emphasis on the basics in order to understand and be understood
- Learn the most useful/most used words (and the most simple) first
- Learn only the most useful phrases

MosaLingua uses the Spaced Repetition System, the product of several years of scientific research (check out the video on
- Calculates review dates for the flash cards according to how difficult you find each one, to encourage efficient and long term memorization
- Spend time learning what you find useful, not what you already know
- MosaLingua constantly adapts to your needs and pace
- Use both audio and visual memory
- Sustained learning (long-term memory)

- You get to decide how long each lesson will be (it doesn't matter whether you have only 2 minutes or more than 30 minutes to spend)
- Automatically adapts to your needs and pace
- You can stop a lesson and then pick up where you left off whenever you want
- You don't need an internet connection, it is all available offline

- Unlock bonuses as you progress (dialogues, jokes, fun facts, sayings, tips)
- Learn from dialogues based on realistic situations that you may encounter on vacation
- You'll be amazed at how quickly you will learn new words and how addictive it becomes
- MosaLingua keeps track of your progress giving you the motivation you need to succeed

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► Spanish -> French
► Italian -> French

MosaLingua is constantly being improved. We take user feedback into account. Several free and regular updates are in the works!

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