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About Learn English Listening Master

The developers of this app are well known for producing other educational based apps and already have a number of well regarded apps in the series that this app is a part of. If you are already familiar with these apps then the look and design of this app will be very familiar to you. All of the aspects that have made their previous apps a success; from the look to the functionality are all the same. A big bonus for the app in my opinion.

The app itself aims to help users understand and improve upon their abilities with the English language through everyday situations making the learning of the language more geared towards real life rather than the fundamentals and mechanics of the language itself. 

Learn English Listening Master Review

This is a language app that aims to help users learn and improve upon their understanding and abilities of using the English language. The developers have a number of apps in a similar series to this app and they all share a very similar look and functionality within them. This means that if a user has already used or is aware of the other products from the developer they will be able to easily start using this app.

The developer also has a really strong website which users can access to enhance their understanding of how to best use the app and to get the most out of the vast amounts of learning that are contained within the app. 

Upon opening the app the user is able to choose whether they wish to play it as part of a multiplayer or as an individual. Once this selection has been made the user is then able to choose from 4 different types of difficulty. This ranges from beginner all the way through to expert. The app is therefore accessible to a wide range of individuals. This app could very easily be used for young children who are just starting to learn how to read and could be used as a tool for them as they progress over a period of time and improve and so move up the levels of difficulty. It could also be used for older children, who have a grasp of the English language to help them to improve and become more fluent and competent. However, it could also very easily be used by students and adults who are learning English as an additional language. They would be able to access the app at whatever level they are currently at, so a beginner etc.

Once the user has selected the level that they wish to work at they are taken to the main 'gameplay' area. The app reads a sentence aloud and the user is given all the correct letters for that sentence on the screen. Once they have heard the sentence they need to select the right letters to spell each word in the sentence in the correct order. Obviously, even at the beginner level the user must have some sort of understanding and abilities with the English language otherwise they are not going to be able to access it if they have only just begun to read. To make it a little easier and to differentiate within each level the user can select to instead of having all the letters jumbled up, have the whole words jumbled up on the page. This means they just need to pick the words in the right order making it a little easier.

Rewards in the form of stars are given for completing the sentences as quickly as possible and encouragement is given when things don't go so well. There is a timer to add a sense of competitiveness even if it is just against yourself, trying to better your time each play but this element keeps the user engaged and makes them want to return to the app to continue using it and getting better.

Overall, this is a really good language app that could be used by lots of different users.

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Android, iPad, iPhone


Cognitive Development
Communication Skills
Life Skills
Academic Relevance
Improve hearing impairment
Improve listening abilities


In-App Purchases - Yes

In-App Advertising - Yes - 1st Party (Only on the Free version)

In-App Advertising - Yes - 3rd Party (Only on the Free version)


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