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Learn Chinese (Mandarin) - MindSnacks

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About Learn Chinese (Mandarin) - MindSnacks

MindSnacks Mandarin is a one-of-a-kind language game-based learning app. It features six exciting games designed to build essential vocabulary, reading, writing, listening and conversation skills, including an all new game to teach tones.
This app is ideal for people just starting out with Mandarin as well as for beginner and intermediate learners!
Make your way through 50 levels of language content, playing games and completing fun challenges as you go. Every level features up to 25 Mandarin words and phrases, in pinyin and characters, with pictures and matching audio clips from a native Mandarin-speaker. The app also includes a unique learning algorithm that uses proven methods of memorization training to make sure you don't forget the material you learn as you progress through the app.
• Six unique mini-games
• 50 Mandarin lessons designed by top-notch Ivy League instructors (upgrade required for all 50 levels)
• 1400+ words and phrases to master
• Pinyin pronunciation and characters
• 1400+ native Mandarin-speaker audio clips
• Growing library of images to serve as a visual learning aid
• Personalized learning algorithms to maximize memorization and retention
• 24 fun challenges to keep you motivated!
So what's so great about MindSnacks Mandarin?
1) MindSnacks offers an innovative way to learn Mandarin while playing a series of fun mini-games. Each game focuses on teaching a specific aspect of learning a new language, creating a well-rounded learning experience that goes far beyond just learning basic vocabulary. Watch your character grow in intelligence as you earn points, complete challenges, and "level up" to your next lesson. The in-game challenges, points, and rewards within the app are designed to keep you motivated like no other language program out there! Also you can invite friends directly from within the app so you can compare scores and performance with your friends and classmates!
2) MindSnacks is loaded with content, featuring 50 full lessons and over 1,400 words & phrases, all with matching audio clips from a native Mandarin speaker to help you form correct pronunciation! The content ranges from very basic beginner for those with no previous Mandarin knowledge, to useful vocabulary and dialogue that even intermediate-level speakers will benefit from.
3) A unique learning algorithm using proven methods in the fields of memory and optimal learning patterns is included within the mini-games to enhance your learning even further. The algorithm is designed to continuously reinforce material from past lessons that may be tougher to retain as you progress through new material, and adapts to your individual performance and needs by focusing more on words that you have difficulty with and less on those that you don't.
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