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Developer Description

Educational game. Words on the topics in the pictures with the pronunciation.

This game is an excellent application for the for self-study of vocabulary and phonetics of the elementary level. It consists more then 400 words, specially selected from various topics that are used in everyday life. The application allows you in the playing form to learn correct pronunciation and spelling due to the presence of visual and audio accompaniment.
Learning consists of several stages for better absorption of the material:
- studying of words with the cards and sound accompaniment.
- selection of the correct version of the word to the picture.
- selection of a dynamically moving pictures to the list of words.
- writing words and spell check.
Simple interface, colorful themed pictures, the constant audio accompaniment will help you better learn the material.
You or your child will be able to extend the vocabulary of foreign words, which is the foundation for quality speech and writing.
Who bought the paid version, the vocabulary will be increased in the next free updates.

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