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About Learn and Fun 4 Kids

Many and varied are the educational mini-games that make up this free advertisement supported app.  Literacy, numeracy, colour recognition and problem solving are all covered in one form or another.

Learn and Fun 4 Kids Review

What is Learn and Fun 4 Kids?

Learn & Fun for Kids is a collection of mini-games for early learners.  While none of the games included in this app are particularly deep, there are plenty of them – twenty-seven in total. They aren’t totally unique as some are quite similar, differing only in what knowledge they test, but there is enough variance to maintain interest as they are all played through. 

Main Features

Broad Coverage of Mini-Games

There is no particular theme to the subjects that the games cover.  Some are matching games where one item must be linked to another.  Memory games provide another challenge, essentially recreating the traditional “matching pairs” style games.  Tile puzzles, recognition exercises, and simple sequences are also to be found amongst the levels. Educationally this grants the app a thin but broad coverage of some key skills and knowledge.  Number, letter, shape and colour identification are all covered. Thinking and reasoning skills are developed in the more abstract puzzles.  Together these make it better suited to refreshing existing learning than initial tuition, which is not a criticism but a suggestion of how best to employ this app.

Child-Friendly Asthetics

The games have a child-friendly aesthetic with clear and colourful graphics.  Those screen elements that move can be a little jerky but the actual graphics themselves are perfectly understandable.  Some spoken words are used in some of the games.  As with the graphics these are certainly good enough but not quite as finessed as you may be used to.  The constantly playing nursery rhyme can be changed to one of a selection of four or turned off completely.  Clickable areas of the screen are of a good size and interacting with them won’t cause problems for young children. 


As this is a free app, supported by advertisements, it is well worth downloading. Inevitably the advertisements are a distraction, and can provide confusion if accidentally clicked by a child, but they are what allows the app to be free to download in its entirety. It will provide a fun and educational distraction for young children. 


Considering its targeted age range, the app would benefit from some spoken instructions for each of the mini-games as it isn’t always immediately obvious how to play them.  While impacting to some extent on the independent learning potential of the app, it is overcome if used by adult and child together.  Each game records the player’s success at solving it using a 3 star grading system which will give it some replay value as children try to raise the number of stars that they have earned. There are also two modes to play through:  One where the player answers ten questions, and a second where they answer as many questions as they can in a given time limit.  Pleasingly the levels can be approached in any order allowing the games to be linked with the current learning of a child or for them to work through the games in a sequence that appeals to them.

Final Verdict

Learn & Fun for Kids is a free app offering 27 mini-games designed for early learners. While not deeply intricate, these games cover various topics, providing a range of challenges to keep children engaged.

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Cognitive Development
Critical Thinking


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