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About LeafSnap

Leafsnap is a free smartphone app employs a visual detection algorithm to assist in identifying plant species based on images of their foliage. Beautiful high-resolution photos of leaflets, blooms, fruit, stems, seeds, and timber may be seen at Leafsnap.

Leafsnap presently contains trees from the Northeast United States and Canada, but it will eventually expand to have included trees from around America.

LeafSnap Review

Leafsnap operates as a field guide to all things foliage. Developed with experts from Columbia University, the University of Maryland, and the Smithsonian Institution, the app uses high-tech AI to identify plants based on only photos of their leaves.

Apart from being an excellent app to identify plants, LeafSnap doubles as a reminder app to take care of your plants. As a result, you can create tasks to water, add fertilizer, prune, or harvest your plants. You also get tips that will help you grow plants better.

Speaking of plant identification, you can press the “Identify” button on the app’s home screen to capture a plant’s picture. Within a few seconds, the app will recognize the plant for you and show the botanical name, common name, genus, and plant family.

How It Works:

Aside from using this app to identify plants, you can also use it to learn more about the different species you discover. You have instant access to a large database of plants that's constantly being updated with new information. You can also keep track of all the plants in your collection, get plant care reminders, and keep a plant journal complete with photos from your personal collection.

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Android, iPad, iPhone




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