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About LastPass

Last Pass is a password manager app that helps you store all of your digital passwords in one place, making it easier to log into all of your various accounts while also keeping your digital information secure. Last Pass is available for free to download on iOS and Android devices.

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LastPass Review

LastPass is a useful tool for people who want to keep their accounts secure but have trouble remembering passwords. The service allows you to store all your passwords in a secure vault, with a strong master password protecting all your accounts.

Autofill by LastPass allows you to create, save, and autofill credentials to your iPhone, iPad or any iOS device. The app will fill any password fields for you, so you don't need to remember the passwords yourself. This includes filling passwords in apps, different websites, and payment portals. If you need to grab an individual password, your master password ensures you can access it within the LastPass app.

What devices LastPass supports?

LastPass is supported on the Windows, Mac, Linux, and mobile platforms – so all of your data is stored in a centralized place and is accessible from anywhere, anytime. You can use the LastPass browser extensions, desktop apps, or mobile apps (iPad, iPhone, Android).

LastPass Features

LastPass specializes in automatically organizing your entries for you. It has three main categories: websites, form fills, and secure notes, which are used for such things as driver's license numbers and credit card information. Select a category, then pick a template, and you will be able to fill in all of the necessary information for a specific account.

You can find website passwords at a glance because LastPass's design is meant to help you see the logo easily. So, if you are looking for your Amazon sign-in, just look for the logo. Secure notes have an icon, too. So finding that passport number is as simple as looking for the icon. The password generator creates complex passwords that you can use to secure your accounts.

The form fill feature makes it possible for you to create templates that can be used when filling out information for such things as hotel reservations, creating new accounts, and more. LastPass also has a desktop app and Apple Watch support.

LastPass uses AES 256-bit encryption and supports Touch ID. For $2 per month, you can sync across an unlimited amount of devices and computers, share logins with others, and additional multi-step authentication options. For $4 per month, you can share all of the premium features with up to six users.

If you don't want to take the extra steps of tagging and organizing passwords yourself, and if pre-made fill-in forms sound like something you will use, give LastPass a try.

Alternative: 1Password

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Download LastPass

You can download LastPass on your iOS or Android devices from the app stores. Download the LastPass app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

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