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Lalaloopsy Diner - Cooking Game

About Lalaloopsy Diner - Cooking Game

Lalaloopsy Diner is a fun Diner Dash style game that’s approachable by kids ages 7 and up. The increasing difficulty is manageable by younger players, but serves enough challenge for adult players too. Take some time off and help your kids flip some burgers. 
The gameplay requires fast-paced dragging, non-stop concentration, visual queueing, and other skills a diner-style game typically requires. Three things that you want to avoid in this game: burning the food, mixing up the orders, and taking too long on any order. Any of these will lead to a dissatisfied customer and lost of sales.

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  • Lalaloopsy Diner - Cooking GameLalaloopsy Diner - Cooking GameLalaloopsy Diner - Cooking GameLalaloopsy Diner - Cooking GameLalaloopsy Diner - Cooking Game


NEW! Now players of all skill levels can have access to yummy treats and toppings right away! Or just play the amazingly awesome endless mode for all the Lalaloopsy Diner fun you can stand!!

Get ready to race the clock as you flip, grill, stack and serve delicious munchies with the yummiest ingredients in 40 levels of fun at the Lalaloopsy Diner, where every customer counts! Earn cool surprises, and buy awesome upgrades to make your diner the coolest place in town!

You’re in control of the kitchen! Serve pancakes, burgers, pizza and more to Dot Starlight, Pillow Featherbed, Spot Splatter Splash, and your friends in Lalaloopsy land! Be sure to get all the orders right to keep your customers happy!

Lalaloopsy Diner is developed by award-winning children’s app developer, Cupcake Digital, in partnership with MGAE.

· Learn important time management skills as you work hard to fulfill orders and keep your Lalaloopsy customers happy!
· Serve as many diner favorites (pancakes, hamburgers, hotdogs, pizza, waffles) as you can. Pay close attention to make sure you get all the right toppings! And whatever you do, don’t burn the food!
· Earn Lalaloopsy buttons and tips for every order you serve! Use your buttons to unlock fabulous kitchen upgrades and extras.
· 40 fast-paced levels let you earn even more silly, yummy toppings for your customers. Marshmallow hotdogs? Chocolate and peppermint pizza? You got it! (Bea Spells-a-lot’s favorite is the burger patty with pretzels and potato chips!)

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