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About KS3 Maths Bash

KS3 Maths Bash is specifically tailored for Secondary students ages 11-14 in the UK it has been featured on Tablets for Schools as part of the recommended apps for this pupils. 

Math Bash is a range of applications where students can practice their maths skills in a fun way. Maths Bash is written specifically for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPads. You can check our list of the best Key Stage 3 apps recommended by our teachers.

Students will engage very quickly with the app.

The questions and randomized.

Topics covered are: Algebra, Numbers, Data/Statistics, Shapes. You can choose to play by topic and can decide how long you want to play for. 

-choose specific topics to practice
-choose length of play
-engage in topics by the conventional multiple choice mode
-engage in topics in a pairs game
-high scores tables
-high scores in GameCenter
-achievements to attain in GameCenter
-a chance to attain a maths status and topic targets

There are currently about 80 sets of questions available. All questions are randomised in order and use random numbers, so you will never get the same game twice. The questions cover around 80% of the topics found on the full curricula.

Any in topic: Algebra; Algebra - brackets; Collecting like terms; Equations; Missing number; Sequences - Formula; Sequences - Next Term; Sequences - Rule; Sometimes, always, never; Straight Lines; Substitution; Any in topic: Data; Averages; Interpreting Charts; Mean; Probabilities; Any in topic: Number; Approximations; Decimals; Directed numbers; Factors and multiples; Frac, Dec, %; Fractions: simplify and equivalent; HCF and LCM; Money Problems; Multiply/divide powers of 10; Multiply fractions; Order of Operations; Ordering decimals; Percentages; Primes, Squares and Cubes; Ratio; Rounding; Rounding and Sig figs; Significant figures; Times/Divide Tables; Upper and Lower Bounds; Word Problems; Any in topic: Shape; 2D or 3D Shapes; 2D Shapes; 3D Shapes; Angle Facts; Angle Sums; Angles in Shapes; Area and Perimeter; Areas; Circles; Coordinates; Fractions of Shapes; Measures; Symmetry; Time Problems; Translations; Languages; Maths Jokes.

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