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KS2 English by WAGmob is an ideal app to use in classroom by teachers and students age 7 to 11 to learn about English grammar. It covers sentence structure and punctuation, text structure and organization, composition and effect, and spelling. As this app is free, it only provides some tutorials, quizzes and flashcards. To get full access to all the content a fee of £1.19 needs to be paid, which is good value for money. 

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WAGmob (Simple 'n Easy)

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  • KS2 English by WAGmobKS2 English by WAGmobKS2 English by WAGmobKS2 English by WAGmobKS2 English by WAGmobKS2 English by WAGmobKS2 English by WAGmobKS2 English by WAGmob


WAGmob: An eBook and app platform for learning, teaching and training!!! 

WAGmob brings you simpleNeasy, on-the-go learning app for "KS2 English".

You have limited access to the content provided.

In this mode you can access 2 tutorials, 1 quiz, and 1 set of flashcards.

For full access to the content, please purchase this application.

You can purchase "KS2 English" application from within this app just for $1.99.

The app provides:
1. Snack sized chapters for easy learning.
2. Bite sized flashcards to memorize key concepts.
3. Simple and easy quizzes for self-assessment.

This app provides a quick summary of essential concepts in KS2 English via easy to grasp snack sized chapters:

The Sentence,
Nouns and Pronouns,
Verbs and Adverbs,
Adjectives, Articles and Prepositions,
Punctuation and Capitalization,
Short Stories,
How to Write a Letter,
Paragraph Writing,

About WAGmob apps:
1) A companion app for on-the-go, bite-sized learning.
2) Over Three million paying customers from 175+ countries.

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