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Korean vocabulary  flashcards to help you study Korean vocabulary including images and sounds. Each Korean vocabulary  flashcards includes example sentence or definition to help to understand how to use the Korean vocabulary. Make your Korean learning being fun with games including matching, spelling memorize and quiz. 

Powered by superflashcard with a built-in spaced repetition scheme, the app will also help you learn Korean vocabulary  more efficiently by showing Korean flashcards just before you forget.

Korean vocabulary flashcards categories

- Calendar
- Description
- Food and Meals
- Hobbies
- Human
- Nature
- Objects
- Society
- Travel

• Korean vocabulary flashcards 
• Search & Download flashcards
• Study Korean flashcards with/without slideshow mode
• Matching Korean flashcard games
• Memorize Korean flashcard games
• Korean flashcard quizzes
• Korean flashcard progress tracking
• Access/study to your flashcards on
• Leitner system
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