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About Kokoro Kids: learning for kids

Kokoro Kids app is crammed full of minigames that provide a holistic learning programme for young kids aged between 2 and 6.  As well as numeracy and literacy skills, it covers those related to emotional wellbeing, creativity and more.  Parents can monitor how their kids have used the app through an easy-to-use parents' area.

A subscription fully unlocks the free-to-download Kokoro Kids app, which is available on iOS and Android devices.  

Kokoro Kids: learning for kids Review

What is Kokoro Kids app?

Experts in early education have created Kokoro Kids app in line with a process they have formulated called the Kokoro Method. This approach is holistic in its aims covering academic topics, thinking skills, creativity, emotions, relationships, and more. 

The app contains a huge number of minigames. Binding the minigames together is an artificial intelligence algorithm that assigns them at the appropriate moment in kids' education. 

What we love about Kokoro Kids

Kokoro Kids app is designed perfectly for the kids who will most benefit from it. Bold and bright graphics are sharp and easy to 'read'. Explanations and feedback are spoken in a friendly and plain way or shown through clear animations. Kids right at the start of their learning journey will be keen to jump into the app's activities. 

What skills does it improve?

Kokoro Kids' foundations are built on research that asserts that early brain development is of lasting and key importance.   

This research combines neurological, psychological, and educational theories. Of course, these areas of science are continuously under debate, and not every educational theorist will subscribe to the findings. Still, the developers are refreshingly open about what guides their approach to helping your child to learn. You can rely upon their conclusions which have informed the design of this high-quality app, or dig more deeply into the research if you choose.   

There is no doubt that the app developers have designed its Kokoro Kids' activities to support cognitive, motor and emotional development in young children. These are expressed in minigames that cover numbers, letters, creativity, science and many more. 

The quality of this contents and its application certainly feel educational, and most parents will believe that its use is beneficial to their kids. 

What age is it appropriate for?

Kokoro Kids is for kids between the ages of 2 and 6.   

Is Kokoro Kids easy to use?

Kids will quickly understand how to find minigames to play and how to play them. Kokoro Kids does a great job of guiding its players. 

Parents and teachers will find it easy to set up accounts for their kids and monitor them through the clear and readable presentation of the parents' area. 

How will students benefit?

While the app has a consistent look and feel, the activities in Kokoro Kids are varied and interesting. Kids always have a choice of which minigame to play, so they don't feel that they are following a linear structure. However, the app uses artificial intelligence to ensure that kids play activities of a type and level that are always matched to their current stage of development. 

The activities promote learning appropriate for the app's users' ages. The skills and knowledge they develop in the Kokoro Kids app will apply to other aspects of their lives and at school. 

How will teachers benefit?

Many of the app's activities are aimed at kids below school age. However, those teachers who do have kids that could benefit from using the app will be pleased to see that it can track multiple users on each device through named user profiles. 

How will parents benefit?

Parents can easily see what skills or knowledge each activity develops in the player as they begin it. Even better, they can access a parents' area that tells them what their child has achieved each week and in which of the topics.   

As well as keeping parents up to date with their kids' progress, this feature lets them see if they are getting value for money from their subscription to the app. 

A really nice touch is that the app links to a worthwhile and consistently updated blog. The articles are excellent and, while each one will not apply to every parents' situation, they are certainly worth reading. 

What Kokoro Kids can improve on?

Synthetic phonics is a popular and effective method for helping children learn to read. It would be helpful if the Kokoro Kids' activities that feature letters and words could be toggled to support this learning method. For example, an activity concentrating on the initial letter of words says the name of a letter, whereas phonics would pronounce the sound. 

On iOS devices, long presses on on-screen elements can trigger the copy/lookup dialogue options. It is a simple tap to remove them, but such a distraction is not ideal in an app designed for young children and especially stands out considering the polished nature of the rest of the app. It is a minor fault and should not put you off from getting the app. 

How much does Kokoro Kids cost?

You can download Kokoro Kids for free and play it for long enough for you to be able to assess it. A subscription is needed for the whole Kokoro Kids experience over time and is available at a competitive price. You can take out a yearly subscription for the best value or a monthly one for the most flexibility. 

Is Kokoro Kids safe to use?

Kokoro Kids has a clearly worded privacy policy on its website.   

The app does not contain any advertisements regardless of whether you are using it with a subscription or not. All of the app's content seen during this app review was appropriate for young children. 

Overall rating of the app

Kokoro Kids is a comprehensive and high-quality app. There are many minigame apps, but few that offer so many games of different types and topics. Subscribers to this app might well feel that they do not need to buy so many other apps as it covers so many learning areas.   

Kokoro Kids is a superb app fully deserving of the five stars that the Educational App Store has awarded.

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Android, iPad, iPhone




Kindergarten Apps (3-5 Years)


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