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About Kodable

Kodable is a game that introduces kids to key concepts and logic for computer programming. Kodable app provides easy to follow lesson plans focused on student outcomes so teachers can teach their students to code, no computer science knowledge required.

Kodable is available for free to download on iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) and for desktop (laptop and Macs). Kodable app develops cognitive skills and critical thinking. Please note, at this time, Kodable is not available on Android devices. 

Kodable Review

What is Kodable?

Kodable is one of the best coding games for kids that helps kids ages 4-10 discover core programming concepts.

There are two levels to Kodable: the first K-2nd Grade Level and 3rd to 5th Grade Level. K-2 is for children ages 4-7 and offers the opportunity to engage in drag-and-drop programming, create personalized characters, and even develop critical thinking skills.

Kodable and the Kodable desktop versions break down computer science into the basic concepts kids need for a strong foundation life.

What we love about Kodable

Kodable is an online resource utilized by parents and educators all over the globe. With over 70 different lessons combining both on-screen and off-screen components, Kodable breaks down computer science topics into basic concepts that kids can use for life.

Kodable game offers materials focused on topics ranging from communication and social emotional learning to real world impact of computer science. Students learning computer science through the Kodable and CodeHS K-12 pathway will learn foundational skills in computer science preparing them for the next step in their learning, whether that is taking an additional course or pursuing computer science in college or dive into the language and logic of programming.

Organized as a classroom curriculum, each unit includes a teacher’s script, an unplugged activity, an independent practice activity, and some kind of assessment or quiz. Kodable is a great way to take students from block programming and transition to real code.

Is Kodable free?

Yes, Kodable is free to download. You can get free Kodable app for iOS from the Apple App Store (iPad and iPhone). There is also a desktop version of Kodable available for PC and Mac users. Unfortunately, Kodable is not available for Android devices at this time.

How much does Kodable cost?

As a subscription, Kodable costs $9.99 per month or $79.99 per year if you choose an annual plan or $149.99 for a lifetime membership.

Does Kodable have a free trial?

Everyone should have access to a 7-day free trial of Kodable.

How does the Kodable teach students to code?

In Kodable game you can choose from over 70 lessons with both on-screen and off-screen components. Every lesson includes instruction guidance, vocabulary words, and student materials. You can teach K-5 computer science as it’s own content area or integrate into math, ELA, digital citizenship, robotics, or other subject areas.

With the Kodable app students can choose a character to roll through the levels and will come across directional, rotational, colour coding and looping procedures. Level 1 eases the student into the app and its progresses nicely through further stages, all but a little repetitive at times.

What skills does Kodable game develop?

We love the Kodable game because students have the opportunity to be exposed to coding at an early age. The Kodable app teaches students:

  • Learn to identify code as a language and how to apply algorithms to complete computational tasks.
  • Learn to read, modify and write scripts to change what happens in JavaScript programs.
  • Solidify logical thinking and problem solving skills, while transitioning to typing-based coding.
  • Learn Javascript, Python, HTML, CSS, Java and more.

Kodable teaches computer science fundamentals through kid-friendly, self-directed lessons. Students get to create and play alongside bright, cute characters.

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Critical Thinking
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Download Kodable

You can download Kodable on your iOS devices from the Apple App Store.

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