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  • Android, iPad, iPhone
  • Free
  • age 16+

About KleptoCats

KleptoCats is an interactive game with multiple different elements and puzzles. The player must look after the cat, including treating, patting and washing, and sending it out to collect objects in a room. KleptoCats can provide hours of entertainment due to multiple games and puzzles and opportunities to expand the game. Overall, this game could be enjoyable to play for children however due to the in-app purchasing, advertisements and internet connectivity with no parental lock, parental guidance is recommended.

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Android, iPad, iPhone





Creative Development


In-App Purchases - Yes

In-App Advertising - No


HyperBeard Inc.

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Publisher's Description

KleptoCats are cute. But they have a dark side. They can't stop stealing!!!

But then again...your room is kinda empty. What a CAT-astrophe. I guess your furry friend's frisky paws may be a perfect match to fill your room. Send your cat away to gather items to fill your room with amazing treasures.


You never know what KleptoCats will bring back next.

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