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About Klassly

Klassly is a unique educational platform that acts as a communication tool between teachers, schools and families. Klassly provides a simple, intuitive layout that is easy to use along with a range of in-app classroom tools for effective communication and sharing. Klassly is inclusive and provides a means for parents to become better involved in their child’s school life while gaining support and trust the user deserves.

Klassly is available on iOS and Android platforms and is free from in-app adverts. Klassy is free to download with limited functionality and provides a subscription-based service to suit all academic and parental needs.Klassly has suitable content for ages 4 and above and is supported by a developer’s website (Klassroom) along with several other supporting platforms such as Klassboard, Klassbook and Klasswork. The application works on both tablet and mobile devices in portrait mode.

Klassly Review

Having downloaded the application the user is shown the developer's splash screen and welcoming introduction to the software. The interface is intuitive and beautifully presented. The sign-up process requires a mobile phone and region along with an agreement for the app’s terms and conditions. Mobile verification is sent to your mobile device to confirm the agreement. A user profile along with the name, email and password complete this process. The user can add a photo or Klassly avatar to their account long with enabling push notifications informing the user of the latest publications, events and classroom activities.

The Home dashboard provides several icons displayed as follows:

• Classes – This provides the user with a list of classes that have been created with the ability to create a new class or join an existing class using a class key.

• Chats – This provides the user with a platform for conversations between classes.

• Calls - This provides the user with a platform for calls between classes.

• Photo Books – This feature enables the user to create a Klassbook in a digital format with a hard or softcover. It is noted that these are in-app purchases.

• Menu System – This provides the user with some key features that include account details, subscriptions, listed children, preferences, security, help/assistance and About details.

• Notifications – This icon displayed in the top left contains Requests from others wishing to join a class.

For this review, we will use the ‘My Demo class’ to explore the application as shown in the online platform.

The ‘Demo class’ when clicked enters a platform that is not dissimilar to that of a social networking platform. The centre console displays the class and posts from teachers, parents and students who have been invited to the class.

The ‘Posting’ feature includes several functions that can be added including photographs, videos, documents, audio, events, locations, polls and lists. Posts can be added to selected topics, scheduled, a signature requirement and a reply requirement. The interface is intuitive, uncluttered and easy to use.

The left-hand side of the console also displays several wonderful features. These include parental invitations to the class, attendance registers, quick access to last comments, scheduled posts and bookmarks. The user can also explore albums, documents, events, appointments and the calendar. The left-hand side also includes the management of members, students and class details.

The application also allows a video conference to be created. Members can be selected from the class list and invited to a conference meeting. This is a wonderful and powerful tool that is ideal for parental contact.

The right-hand side of the console displays the members of the class. This includes names and their relationship to the group whether they are a student, parent, social worker or another member of staff. Each member can be removed easily or have their membership rights changed from a member, administrator, invisible member or contributor. Members can also be messaged.

The top of the page also displays the ‘Chat’ feature that enables the administrator of the class to engage in a discussion with its members. This is accompanied by the ‘Calls’ feature that tracks active and scheduled calls between its class members.

Creating a new class could not be easier. Select the create class option and assign the class with a class key that can be used for others to join (examples are shown).

Customise the class with a name and cover picture from your device or the library. Select the level, topic, number of students, language, school (via the postcode), status (teacher, parent/relative or administrator) and your position. To complete the class add when the class starts and ends. The class created is displayed in the home dashboard. It is noted that all classes can be edited and deleted.

The photo book is a great touch for saving those precious school memories whether it is a great piece of work a sports day event or a class yearbook photo. This feature enables the user to create a Klassbook in a digital format with a hard or softcover. It is noted that these are in-app purchases.

Klassly is the complete networking platform between schools, teachers, parents and their children. There is nothing that the developers have not considered when it comes to communication.

How will parents benefit?

Klassly is the ideal social media platform that facilitates communication between parents, teachers and schools. Parents can keep up to date with their child’s programme of study from classroom celebrations to homework to field trips. Parents can manage their contribution to the site as well as engaging with teachers directly through video conferencing and messaging. Parents will be please to know that all communications are encrypted, no unauthorised visitors can access the site, Klassly is fully GDPR (General Data Protection Regulated), and FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) regulated.

How will teachers benefit?

Klassly is the ideal social media platform that facilitates communication between parents, teachers and schools. It also acts as a platform for teachers to inspire, celebrate and educate. Teachers can share pictures, videos, voice memos, documents, events, polls, lists invitations and homework through this unique userfriendly platform. Teachers can also use video conferencing and direct messaging tools for parental communication. Teachers can use Klassly to build relationships with parents to support their children’s' needs whether they are struggling with literacy, forgotten their lunch or require special needs provision. Teachers can also the platform as a source for recording all the classes achievements thought out the year, which can be returned to at the touch of a button.

How will the user benefit?

It is easy to use! Both the end-users of parent and teacher will benefit vastly from the direct communication the platform provides. In a growing world of home learning, Klassly is an excellent tool for sharing, collaborating and celebrating all that is positive about education. The user will be pleased that it is available as a free platform and that all precautions have been taken to make sure the site is secure.

What we love about the Klassly app

Klassly is an excellent application and we loved the following features: 

• We love how simple the application is to navigate. The developers have thought very carefully about their target market and created a platform that is suitable for teachers, parents and children. 

• Our users were amazed by the AR experience in the ‘Let’s Go see now’ section of the application. The AR experience worked seamlessly and provided a real high-quality educational insight into the locations.

• The developers should be congratulated on the vast amount of content that the application provides. The characters, animations, stories and video are truly wonderful and very engaging.

• The application has a wonderful supporting website that accompanies the application and provides further resources to support parents and schools.

• The user interface is very intuitive. We love the fact that teachers can quickly access albums, documents, appointments and events. When time is of the essence for a teacher every minute counts and this is an excellent way to reduce workload.

• Members can be invited to join classes even though they might not teach them. This is ideal for heads of year to have a real involvement in classes and well as special needs educators or teaching assistants. Parents will also appreciate being able to be involved in an everyday classroom activity.

• We like the fact that members can be invisible this is ideal for those members who may monitor the group for sensitive reasons such as special needs or child protection issues.

• We love the fact that new classes that are generated automatically create a parental letter that can be sent home informing parents about the platform and how to connect online.

• Parents have a real responsibility now when it concerns home learning. The developers should be congratulated on this timely application.

• We are pleased to see that the developers have made the application free to teachers promoting an ethical business model. Teachers of course can subscribe to the PRIME service. Klassly is available to all due to its core value of inclusivity.

What the Klassly app could improve on

• Klassly is an excellent application and there is a limited amount of improvements that can be made, however, we have suggested the following:

• The Attendance register is a great idea however many schools use systems that are legally required to monitor attendance, however, this is a great way to show a parent that their child attended class.

• The application has many options and features to the point where it does too much. Many parents may well be put off by the number of options available, the Facebook-style platform and the worry that they post something by accident.

• The developers may consider adding icons for different subjects to display as the class photo.

• The developers need to be made aware that constant communication between teachers and parents may not always be productive and may cause unnecessary stress for teachers who can be contacted 24/7 through direct messaging. The developers need to also be aware of the issues surrounding child safeguarding when using video conferencing platforms.

How much does Klassly cost?

Klassly is a free application due to the companies ethical modelling and inclusivity. Klassly also offers a PRIME service which includes a yearly and monthly subscription. The PRIME service offers private group messaging solutions, filtering of posts, easy access to videos and photos, exclusive educational offers and much more.

Is Klassly safe to use?

Yes. The application does not contain any offensive elements or 3rd party adverts. All communications are encrypted, no unauthorised visitors can access the site, Klassly is fully GDPR (General Data Protection Regulated), and FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) regulated.

Overall Rating of the application

Klassly is a fantastic application and no wonder this platform has gone from strength to strength across the globe. In recent times, communication between parents and schools could not be more important. The developers should be congratulated on delivering such as versatile, inclusive and engaging communication platform. ‘Klassly’ comes highly recommended by The EducationalAppStore.com

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