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King of Maths

  • Android, iPad, iPhone
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  • age 12+

About King of Maths

King of Maths helps your child learn basic algebra, geometry, division, and other math equation.  

The app is designed in form of a game; so your child chooses between two characters and complete mathematical challenges in addition and subtraction. When children play this game, they are challenged to figure out missing numbers before they can arrive to an answer.  The game will also help your child to understand the basic concept in math.

King of Maths is regarded as one of the best free math apps because it was developed to improve the mathematical knowledge of children in elementary schools. 

Teacher Review

King of Math, as the name suggests is a maths app and has a simple initial layout. There are not many sound effects or fancy graphics, which at first is a little off putting and when you load up the app, it appears to be quite bland.

You are given a selection of games to play, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division and goes towards higher maths levels such as statistics and algebra etc… Initially, the only games that are unlocked are ‘Addition’ and ‘Subtraction’.

Each game has ten levels and you need to pass a level to move on to the next. You have a set time to beat and the less time it takes you to complete the level, the more points you score. You are awarded points and stars for each level depending on how many correct answers you give. If you get too many answers wrong you have to restart the level. You have a selection of four multiple choice answers and each correct answer buys you a little more time.

To unlock the next game you have to complete around 5 levels of the previous game. The ‘Addition’ game is quite easy, and I admit I was feeling rather pleased with myself after racing through 5 levels with a perfect score.

I then moved on to ‘Subtraction’ with similar results – Not too challenging. I quickly managed to unlock the next few games, ‘Multiplication’ and ‘Division’. I was feeling like a genius until I reached the ‘Mixed’ game, which after a few levels asks questions such as ‘7 + 22 x 33’, which you have to answer in a matter of seconds.

This is mental arithmetic that will challenge even the brightest of minds and will take hours for the average person to unlock every level. Although it’s hard, it really is quite addictive and you do notice yourself improving and having to develop new mental techniques to solve the questions. For instance, you soon figure out that the trick with long multiplication questions is to use the last digits of the numbers.

The game really draws you in and is also well suited for some friendly competition for all ages. As a free app, I would say it is definitely worth the download if you like a mental challenge.In terms of game play, it really hits the spot and will definitely keep you coming back for more! It receives a 3 star EAS Certification. 

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Android, iPad, iPhone





Cognitive Development
Critical Thinking
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In-App Purchases - Yes

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Oddrobo Software AB

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  • King of MathsKing of MathsKing of MathsKing of MathsKing of Maths


Level up your mathematics skills and become King of Maths!

King of Maths is a fast-paced mathematics game with lots of fun and diverse problems in different areas. Starting as a male or female farmer, you level up your character by answering maths questions and improving your total score. New character design and music for each of the ten levels. Collect stars, get achievements and compare your scores against your friends and players all over the world!

Playing King of Maths is a great way to improve or refresh you mathematical skills and you will have a lot of fun doing it! The mathematics level is about Middle School/Junior High School.

The game includes:

- Addition
- Subtraction
- Mixed 1
- Multiplication
- Division
- Arithmetic
- Geometry
- Fractions
- Powers
- Statistics
- Equations
- Mixed 2

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