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Kindergarten Kids Math

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Kindergarten Kids Math uses clear images and an open, friendly approach to  guide children through 400 interactive exercises. It covers the basics of maths in a structured way to help understand counting, number recognition, sequences, addition and subtraction with numbers 1 to 20. It is useful for children aged 4-7.

Kindergarten Kids Math Review

It can be hard to find genuinely useful apps aimed at very young children.  Too many developers have decided that this market offers an easy way to produce educational apps, as the maths is so simple. However, it is only simple to an adult.   Creating app-based exercises that offer useful assistance that is easily understood by children is not easy.  Fortunately, this app has taken rather more care in its design than many of its competitors.

Young children are not only beginning to build their numeracy skills they are also at the beginning of their literacy education.  This creates a difficulty for app developers as they cannot give written feedback and instructions to the player.  Many apps do not take the more difficult and costly solution of providing spoken feedback.  This one does and deserves extra credit for using a clear and friendly child's voice to do so. 

This doesn't push parents out of the learning experience - it offers another choice.  The spoken words can be turned off and parents can work with their child using the app as an intuitive and convenient means of explanation and practice.  With the voice turned on, children can continue to practice when their parents are busy and in doing so are also taking their first steps in independent learning.

Helpfully, the app keeps track of the number of exercises a child completes.  This gives parents the chance to notice and praise the extra effort put in.   Parental praise and rewards might be the difference between making good use of the app or not.  This is because while the graphics are clear and child-friendly, they are not particularly engaging.  Compared to other apps, educational and otherwise, they lack the finesse and polish that entices children to re-engage with the contents.

Kindergarten Maths is priced a little higher than many other apps but it has more than a single activity, which is common practice among the cheaper apps.  As well as counting, there are addition, subtraction, sequence and number recognition exercises.  Each exercise is untimed.  Children can think, consider, and listen to parental advice without the stress of any limits being imposed on them.  The graphical manipulations that they can make in the app effectively aid this thinking process.

Kindergarten Maths won't take the place of a child's favourite game but combined with parental encouragement, it will help to further their learning.

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