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About Kidz Fun

Kidz Fun contains a collection of multi-media tools for introducing young children to the world around them through numbers, letters and simple objects. The app makes full use of Internet resources to give the user an all-round educational experience and keep them engaged and exploring. The app could benefit greatly from polishing up its design, and may be off-putting or even confusing to some users, as well as occasional bug problems. This app has received an EAS Certification of 2 Stars.

Teacher Review

Kidz Fun is aimed at teaching young children about colours, numbers, simple objects and the alphabet. The app has a number of options on the main menu: “Alphabets”, “Numbers”, “Songs”, “Stories”, “Questions” and “More”. Along with these options, there are links for merchandise and to rate the app, which can only be reached through a parental lock system, requiring the user to do a complicated sum to prove their age. The app comes with a handful of adverts which cannot be clicked on by default, but this can be enabled through a similar parental lock system.

Within the “Alphabets” section there is a list of each letter of the alphabet, complete with an anthropomorphised version of the letter and the image of an object whose name begins with that letter. Clicking on each letter takes the user to a randomised page, containing only an image of an object whose name begins with the specified letter, along with a child narrator announcing that “Alligator begins with the letter ‘A’”. The use of a child narrator is a nice touch, though the sound quality is consistently poor for one particular narrator, and I feel the use of sound on its own may not be good enough for the user to understand the message. Some form of text reinforcing the message would go well here.

Within the “Numbers” section there is a similar list of the numbers 1 to 10, along with a number of images to match each number. Clicking on each number will again bring the user to a screen with an image of a number of objects and a child announcing the number of said object. The child will often add a descriptor such as “one cute bunny”, which should help engage the user with the app more emotionally. Again, additional information or visual feedback would further help here.

The “Songs” section contains a list of YouTube videos of various songs for children from various artists and organisations. These rank from that special sort of annoying that only a child’s song can produce to a couple of songs I actually found myself listening to a couple of times. The use of YouTube videos helps to build up a varied bank of content, though it does add the difficulties of having to go through and vet each video to make sure it is suitable, as well as keeping the app up to date with these videos; I did find one video that had been taken down since the app went up.

In a similar vein, the “Stories” section is made up of a number of YouTube videos that consist of adaptations of children’s story books, audio of stories being read with still images to accompany, and the occasional Disney video. This again comes with the problem of having to keep on top of these videos and making sure they are available in the same countries as the app, but also loses some aspects of story book apps that I have seen in the past; interactivity. Some story book apps are great because they act more like a book than any other source of media. They allow the user to control the flow of the story and to interact more with it, often with the additional benefits of multimedia reinforcement such as narration. Obviously, the focus of this app is not to be a story book app, but there are pros and cons with each approach.

Finally, in the “Questions” section, users can work through a series of randomised, multiple-choice questions testing their understanding of numbers, letters and objects. It is useful for there to be a section within an app to test how the user has understood the content within it, though this could be made even more useful with a system to track the user’s marks, or even a simple scoring system beyond the simple “Correct/Incorrect” feedback presented by the app.

The overall content of this app seems on track, and should be useful in introducing children to the world around them, but unfortunately this is let down somewhat by the presentation of the app. The illustrations within the app are a mixture of real-life images and illustrations, each in a different style, and when put together it does unfortunately look messy. Even simple things like the choice of font used lack polish and detail, with the text often blending in with the background images, making it hard to read. Beyond this, there are a few bugs scattered throughout the app, none crucial, but noticeable nonetheless. The most apparent of these is within the “Questions” section, where each question is loaded twice, causing visual disturbances and interrupted narration.

Overall, this app has its heart in the right place, but really needs to think more about usability and design, even for younger children. Toddlers will likely find the use of media and videos engaging, but may struggle to discern the information from the limited visual clues and muddled pictures. If you can get past this however, you will find a free, useful app with lots of content to keep toddlers busy and interested.

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Gomathy Shankaran

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Kidz Fun is an application for Preschool and Kinder garden kids. This app once downloaded does not require internet connection to play alphabets and numbers. This app has following menu options :-
These are for kids/Adults to enjoy, have fun and learn.
The Alphabets(A-Z) and Numbers(1-10) show images and sounds from 4 categories. Alphabets and numbers are generated at random based on categories:-
1. Animals
2. Fruits/Vegetables.
3. Things/Emotions.
4. Flowers.
5. Transportation ( in-App in the Parent Zone)
"Songs" and "Stories" can be chosen based on the selection made from the "Settings" tab. The contents for "Songs" and "Stories" are chosen from languages - English,Spanish,French,Arabic,Chinese, Tamil and Hindi.
Features include :-
1. Good quality images with pleasing colors.
2. Audio for Alphabets, Numbers and description in a child's voice
3. The numbers and alphabets are in tune with the pictures and fosters child an interest in learning.
4. The Songs and Stories can be selected from 7 different languages English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Arabic,Hindi and Tamil.
4 Songs and Stories include favorite rhymes/songs/stories for kids from You-tube.
5. Old fashioned with new way of fun learning for the kid.

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