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About KidsLipi

KidsLipi is a language learning and practice app for developing kids’ understanding of a variety of Indian languages including Hindi Varnamala, Gujarati Kakko, Sanskrit Varnamala, Telugu Varnamala and Telugu Varnamala. It uses gamification and attractive design to engage kids and keep them learning. It also provides easy ways for teachers or schools with existing content to digitize it and create new ways for students to learn, along with progress and performance reports along the way.

Available for iOS and Android devices as a free download, KidsLipi is fully unlocked by a subscription for teachers and schools. There are various tiers of subscription reflecting the role of the subscriber, such as a teacher or school. This review of KidsLipi is based upon a full subscription to the service.

KidsLipi Review

What is KidsLipi?

KidsLipi is a learning platform devoted to helping kids develop their speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills in Indian regional languages. The app offers the same high-quality learning experience whether your kids learn Hindi Varnamala, Gujarati Kakko, Sanskrit Varnamala, Telugu Varnamala or Telugu Varnamala. It is one of our recommended Indian language learning apps.

Kids learn words and phrases using spoken words and visual cues such as images and text shown in English and the language’s script. Kidslipi is a gamified app meaning that it uses popular elements of games, such as keeping score, to reward and encourage progress.

What do we love about KidsLipi?

The English language has emerged as a global language, and nobody would deny kids the chance to develop their proficiency in it. However, regional languages carry with them a sense of heritage and belonging. Cultures are always best understood within the languages most closely associated with them, and kids deserve the best support to access the community, history and literature that form their culture.

Understandably, considering the potential audience, English-language support apps are the most common language learning apps. Still, we applaud an app that recognises the importance of Indian regional languages (not that these learners are a small audience!). 

An app that lets kids develop regional language proficiency is an ideal way for kids immersed in an English-speaking curriculum. Apps allow kids to fit the learning around other commitments and involve their families in supporting them. This app provides a varied and interesting learning experience for kids, especially those who enjoy gamified learning material with useful teaching content and game-based practice tasks.

The app’s design is clear and colourful, which will appeal to young kids but won’t put off older kids who might be using the app to learn a language. Items move on and off the screen in an attention-catching way which might help some kids remember better.

Words and images look sharp and unambiguous on phone screens, so it won’t matter whether kids are using the app on a tablet or phone-sized device. 

Kids will be able to ensure that pronunciation is correct and practise listening as the app accompanies its activities with clearly spoken speech. As well as providing this vocal support, the app also writes out each word or phrase in its anglicised form and the language’s natural script.

What age is it appropriate for?

Language learning is not entirely linked to age. Children as young as three could start to learn with KidsLipi, and the app targets ages 3 to 7. Depending on a student’s situation, older kids could learn with it.

What languages can kids learn with KidsLipi?

At the time of this review of KidsLipi, the app provides learning content across Hindi, Sanskrit, Tamil, Telugu, and Gujarati. The developers have indicated that more languages could be added in the future, so do check the app’s updates if you are looking for a regional Indian language not on this list.

Independent learning is also a valuable skill for kids to possess, and developing proficiency in a language is a practical and effective way to do this.

Is KidsLipi easy to use?

KidsLipi’s user interface has an intuitive design with options and icons that make sense. The app’s user interface is in English. 

The app has tutorials and a responsive support team available to subscribers who encounter any difficulties.

How will students benefit?

Ambitious students will undoubtedly want to communicate globally with proficiency and effectiveness in English. However, by improving their ability in the regional languages relevant to them, they will be better placed to communicate within their home community and across India. 

The gamified approach of KidsLipi makes practising more interesting than simple question-and-answer tasks, which will help kids stick at them for longer and come back on subsequent days to learn more.

How will teachers benefit?

Schools that subscribe to one of the KidsLipi packages get access to the app’s materials and games for teachers to use with their students. Teachers can supplement what students are learning in the classroom with customised, confidence-building games and activities. Teachers can use the KidsLipi platform to offer Beginners Level textbook information to students. Through the app's activities and games, it has supplied them with the essential learning reinforcement. Easy-to-read reports help you keep track of your student's development.

Reports provide teachers with information on usage and competency, allowing them to know exactly where each student is in their language learning path. KidsLipi assists in the teaching of Hindi at various levels. Other Indian languages can also be taught with it.

KidsLipi enables language educators to produce and deliver content that is aligned with the classroom curriculum. All activities, quizzes, and games may be tailored to match the book's content and lessons, providing teachers complete control over what students practice at home. The app offers numerous games that help the students to have a strong foundation in letters and words. 

Because KidsLipi content is generated by educators, it correlates with what students are learning right now, making progress statistics more relevant. The teaching material and data management will make teachers’ lives easier by reducing the administration, reporting, and lesson planning that they will need to do.

How will parents benefit?

Parents want their kids to do well academically, and any app that supports this is welcome. Parents or other family members could use KidsLipi as they support kids to develop their regional language skills. This will be educationally useful and a good opportunity to help kids learn more about their culture, history, and family.

How much does KidsLipi app cost?

KidsLipi provides a free version where parents and teachers can access up to 300 words across 25 categories. This provides an effective means of seeing whether the app suits children’s learning needs.

What is included with the free version vs. paid?

Typically schools purchase a license of the paid platform that comes with content creation features, lesson design and progress reporting, along with a unique login for every student to the learning mobile application.

Overall rating of the app

KidsLipi is an excellent app that fulfils its aim to help kids learn Indian-region languages. Its assessment and reporting tools also support teachers as they educate their students. For its comprehensive content, pleasing design, and usefulness, we have awarded KidsLipi four stars in this review.

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