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KidsBeeTV: Kids Videos and Games

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Rating KidsBeeTV: Kids Videos and Games - 5 out of 5 - Best Rating 5.0

  • Android, Website, iPad, iPhone
  • Free
  • age 2+
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About KidsBeeTV: Kids Videos and Games

KidsBeeTV gives kids a safe environment in which to watch videos.  Teachers have handpicked each of the videos to ensure they are appropriate for kids, whether educational or entertaining.

There are no ads, product placement, or unboxing videos on KidsBeeTV.  After a seven-day trial, the service is subscription-based and is viewable on many device types. 

KidsBeeTV: Kids Videos and Games Review

What is KidsBeeTV app?

KidsBeeTV provides children with high-quality, kid-friendly video content that is an excellent mix of entertainment and education. There is something for all kids from the very young up to the age of eight.

All of the videos are handpicked by teachers, and many are enhanced with questions to encourage learning. KidsBeeTV is a subscription service, but you can have a free one-week trial of full access as you check it out. 

What we love about KidsBeeTV

All of the expert reviewers at the Educational App Store love to see an excellent app continue to improve, which has happened with KidsBeeTV. Our expert reviewers already considered it a five-star app, but its developers have continued refining and improving it. 

This new iteration of KidsBeeTV still has all of the things we loved last time we looked at it. These include thousands of handpicked videos enhanced by questions to encourage kids to focus. The library balances entertainment and educational content. The videos are still high-quality, kid-friendly and produced by some of the best kid's video creators out there.   

What skills does it improve?

An app so full of varied content as KidsBeeTV can't be easily categorised. Your kids can learn about all sorts of things—it will depend upon what they watch. There are videos to help learn about numbers, letters, words, science, animals, social skills, and more. 

Of course, you can guide what your kids take from the KidsBeeTV videos by sharing the viewing experience with them. 

What age is it appropriate for?

The videos in KidsBeeTV are ideal for kids up to the age of eight. 

Is KidsBeeTV easy to use?

KidsBeeTV was never difficult to use, but its most prominent new feature is its slick and easy-to-use interface. Kids will find it easy to browse, search and discover content. 

How will students benefit?

There's not just a massive amount of existing content in KidsBeeTV, but more is added all of the time. The service frequently adds new videos and even whole collections by popular kids' video creators. Kids will never be short of something to watch for fun or when they want to impress you with something they have learned. 

Very young kids will also love the nursery rhymes and kids songs. 

How will teachers benefit?

Having easy access to KidsBeeTV could be a lifesaver for teachers. Every so often, incidents happen in the classroom, which takes the teacher's full attention. Having safe, educational content that they can mirror to a class display will help occupy the rest of the class while resolving the situation. 

The educational videos are also great ways for teachers to liven up a lesson on a related topic and provide an alternative explanation. The fact that these videos won't require any extra work on the part of the teacher is a bonus! 

How will parents benefit?

Parents can't always sit side by side with their kids to ensure that everything they see is appropriate. Other approaches to providing safe kids' content work to some extent, but KidsBeeTV's teacher-curated content guarantees it. 

The reassurance this provides for busy parents can't be underestimated, and the videos are still great for shared viewing. 

What can KidsBeeTV improve on?

Just a tiny point, really, but KidsBeeTV used to be known by a different name, and this still appears on the app's privacy policy. The correct title would avoid users feeling that the policy is outdated or not reflect the current app. Such a thing is important for an app aimed at very young children. 

The videos are nicely categorised, and parents can select if they would prefer any of them to be deactivated. It would also be nice to see an option to filter videos that have the added questions, as while many have these attention-holding features, not all do. 

How much does KidsBeeTV cost?

You can download or open the apps for any platform for free. Your first seven days of using KidsBeeTV is free and includes all of the content and features. 

What is included with the free version vs. paid?

Once the seven days are up, you need a subscription to continue accessing the videos. Before this happens, you should think about your child's enjoyment of the app's content. A handy feature in the parents' section of the app tells you how and how long your kids have been using it. 

You'll save money in the long run with an annual subscription rather than monthly, so if your kid is always watching KidsBeeTV during the trial, consider paying for a year's access. 

Is KidsBeeTV safe to use?

As KidsBeeTV places its video-picking responsibilities in the hands of people and not algorithms, there is no chance of anything inappropriate slipping through. The content will always be kid-friendly, and there won't be any ads, product placement or anything else to push kids towards anything but fun and learning. 

Overall rating of the app.

KidsBeeTV was a five-star app when we last reviewed it, and it is better now. We're keeping our rating system inflation-free so it can only maintain its five-star rating.   

If your kids love to watch videos, but you worry about their quality, safety or educational value, KidsBeeTV is an app you must try out with your kids.

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Android, Website, iPad, iPhone




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  • KidsBeeTV: Kids Videos and GamesKidsBeeTV: Kids Videos and GamesKidsBeeTV: Kids Videos and GamesKidsBeeTV: Kids Videos and GamesKidsBeeTV: Kids Videos and GamesKidsBeeTV: Kids Videos and Games

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