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Kids Learn to Wtrite

This application teaches how to write small and big letters, numbers, as well as basic words with a step by step guide.

Kids Writing Application is based on popular letter writing and tracing activity books used in schools. It has 3 activities :
- Learn the Alphabet with objects and phonics information
- Learn how to write numbers
- Exercise with basic words

Preschool years are a time of rapid learning as you begin to prepare your child for the upcoming challenges of school.

Concepts and skills, such as letters, words, colors, numbers, and hand-eye coordination, can all be taught at this age, and we provide you with premium apps to help with this process.

Our Kids Writing Application make learning Alphabet, fun and easy. Animated Letters, Animated numbers, and simple words will help your kids learn while having fun.
We are committed to your kid's development. Check out our other apps in Android Market.

Preschool alphabet games that teach kids letters while they have fun playing Our preschool alphabet games make learning ABC s fun and easy.

Recognizing letters and numbers are early pre-literacy skills crucial to the foundation of future learning. Children who can identify letters and know letter sounds when entering kindergarten will be well-prepared to learn how to sound out words and read. A print-rich environment and experience with books will help children learn to identify letters and numbers and develop a love of reading.

The game will instruct your child with a dotted arrow showing exactly how to draw the letter.

As each letter appears the letter is read to the child along with the correct sound. Your child can also press the associated picture to hear the name read.

Kids Writing Application allows parents to save voice instructions that are associated with each letter, number or word.

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