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This is a great app that helps to teach and differentiate different writing styles. The app has received an EAS Certification of 5 Stars.

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If you are looking for an app that amalgamates the different writing styles that children need to learn in order to analyse set texts and to improve their own writing skills and style, this is the app that you need. It is inexpensive and comprehensive.
The app follows quite a conceptual and theoretical way of teaching. There are 10 styles of text (“persuasive, informative, descriptive, narrative, discussion” etc etc.). The first section looks at the structure of the text. The second section looks at some examples of the text and the third and fourth sections offer ideas for preparing your own and then planning the text in order to create it.
It would have been amazing to see that kids could write their own texts within the app and then share with each other or with their teachers however, that is not the case with this app. Nevertheless, the overall quality of the app is good. The explanations and the examples of the texts are well conceived and there are plenty of ideas for further homework or classroom work.
The app is like a book that kids can look through and then follow up to do their work on paper on a blog. The planners can be emailed to other students or can be saved to the device. The educational content of the app covers the basic writing skills covered up to GCSE level.
The app is simple and informative and we found very interesting to read through. Teachers will appreciate the writing ideas on offer too! 
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Kids Write Text Types is a tool to help teachers and students with writing. Each text type includes the structure/format, features, and examples. The many ideas/writing prompts are provided to help get students started.

Students and teachers may use the planners included to plan for their own writing. They may annotate over them, save them and email them. Kids Write Text Types also includes online texts such as blogging, commenting, and tweeting.

The following text types are explored in this comprehensive app:
- Procedural
- Persuasive
- Recount
- Narrative
- Explanation
- Information reports
- Transactional
- Description
- Narrative
- Discussion
- Online

Included with each text type:
- Structure
- Examples
- Ideas or prompts
- Planner
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