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A hands-on, real-life way for kids to learn shapes using real-life objects.

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Wouldn't it be just wonderful if there was a simple game for preschoolers that made learning shapes enjoyable? There is! It's called Kids Preschool Shapes.

The game is from Intellijoy, where we specialize in educational games with the fun built right into them.

Your child will love playing Kids Shapes, and you'll be able to relax, knowing your child is learning while having great fun.

Let's do the rest of the description in a question-and-answer form.

What activities are included?

  • Learning shapes using real-life objects
  • Recognizing shapes in their real-life settings

What will my children learn?

  • Your child will learn to recognize shapes in their real-life context. The shapes currently included are circle, rectangle, triangle, square, rhombus and oval.

What won't my children learn?

  • The game does not overload children and parents with too many audio and visual stimuli. Coping with stress and over-stimulation is therefore one skill that your kids won't be practicing during this game. Its clear focus makes the game a delight for children and a winning choice for parents.

If you prefer for your children to play the game silently, you can give your child headphones.

Once your child is involved and happy, you can relax, with the assurance that he or she is having a great time – and learning!

If you'd like to test the game yourself before you buy it, we offer a free lite version.

Hey, how did you take the top three spots in the Education section?

  • Kids love our games. Parents love to see their preschool-aged children being both educated and quietly happy. Google noticed our great reviews and then featured and promoted our apps.
  • Educational games for young children is all we do. Our mission is: "Delight children through learning."
  • Our games are laser focused. For example, the numbers game doesn't teach letters, and the letters game doesn't teach math. We keep the games simple but magically inviting and nourishing.
  • We strive to give children just the right balance between education and fun. So our games don't feature fun at the expense of education – or education at the expense of fun. We also know games that are too complicated don’t involve and delight kids.

We hope your children enjoy all the fun and education we've built into our game of Kids Shapes – and that you'll enjoy our other kid-friendly games, too.

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