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Kids'n Books (tales, stories)

About Kids'n Books (tales, stories)

Great stories with music, animation and a lot of tapping!

Enjoy fairy tales and old time stories along with original songs, animation and a lot of tapping!
It's not your original picture book nor video but a new educational app.
The fascinating "read to me" mode and interactive features will draw kids back to read again and again.

=== For limited time only! FREE "Three Little Pigs" ===
=== FREE "First words for kids" for baby ===

2 and above

**Both adults and kids will love reading and playing it over and over again!**
We've selected must read stories for you and the young ones to read and play numerous times.

**High quality and genuine stories**
- Created with the finest teaching materials, narrations, BGM and illustration.
- All recorded BGM materials are tuned professionally to maximize quality.
- To optimize children’s reading experience, we've carefully designed every component in the app, including script, timing of movement and lovable characters.

** Keep kids fascinated! **
- Kids will be glued into reading, tapping and finding hidden characters every time they read.

** Enjoy Co-play **
- It is so well designed that not only kids but also adults can enjoy.
- You can switch off the "read to me" mode and read the script shown on screen by yourself.

** Adding new songs every month **
- We will be releasing new stories from around the world monthly.

=== For limited time only! FREE "Three Little Pigs" ===
=== FREE "First words for kids" for baby ===

** Fairy tales from the West **
- Three little pigs
- The little mermaid (Andersen)
- Cinderella (Grimm)
- Snow White (Grimm)
- Jack and the beanstalk
- King Midas has donkey ears
- The boy who cried wolf (Aesop)
- The little match-seller (Andersen)
- The ant and the cricket (Isopp)
- Pinocchio

** Fairy tales from the East **
- The peach boy
- Honest old man
- Aladdin
- The monkey and crab
- Urashima Taro
- Plump old man

** First words for kids **
- Living room / dining room, Kitchen
- Bathroom
- Kids room, Exterior
- Playground, Town

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